July 24, 2024

SEO means search engine optimization. Essentially, it involves optimizing your website content so that your site shows up at the top of the SERPs when someone types a word combination or phrase into Google related to your niche or industry. You must use this fundamental tactic to get more people to visit your website and purchase your products or utilize your services. 

You can implement many best practices that fall under the general category of SEO. For instance, you can research and hire quality link-building services since accumulating inbound and outbound links is one of the tactics that Google web crawlers often reward. 


You might also look into automating certain facets of your SEO. However, doing so can be dangerous. We’ll discuss why that is right now. 

SEO Best Practices Change Frequently

AI is changing the world, and that is certainly the case with SEO and automation. You could accurately say that nearly all industries are looking at ways to automate various processes. This will probably cost some people their jobs, but it can save companies money as well.

There are dozens or even hundreds of SEO automation tools you can use if you’re so inclined. You might put some of these AI-infused tools in charge of some of your website’s SEO tasks. That way, you won’t have to hire an SEO agency.

The problem is that an automated SEO tool might know how to implement SEO best policies that are “of the moment,” but that doesn’t mean they will still be best practices within the industry a few months down the line. The world of SEO changes constantly, and only a human will know about the latest developments in this niche.  

Your Automation Can Make a Mistake

You can also put an AI-infused SEO automation tool in charge of your website’s SEO, and it can make a mistake. That’s because artificial intelligence is exactly what the name implies. It’s artificial, which is to say that it’s not actual intelligence.


AI is very intuitive, but it can’t think analytically in the same way that a human can. A human who works for your company will know more about your products, services, and niche than an automated SEO tool, no matter how sophisticated. 

Human Oversight Matters

This leads to the final point regarding putting automated tools in charge of your website’s SEO. If you let these tools run your site entirely, without human oversight, you might check your content one day and find that the automation is making claims about your products or services that are patently untrue. It might also feature content that’s completely contrary to your company’s goal or mission. 

You might automate SEO in the sense that you can use these tools to post social media content at times of the day that you stipulate. If you start counting on these automated tools for more than that, though, you never know if what they’re doing is helpful or even appropriate for your company and your vision for it. 

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