December 1, 2023

Satisfy you in the downtown Yearning for tranquility Continue the simple and ultimate Seiko art Interpret the ultimate aesthetics Unlock new texture space

Begins with appearance, loyal to performance Break through the tradition and adopt narrow frame design Maximize viewable surface –30mmBetter display of outdoor light

Silky sliding feel Create a luxurious and high-quality fashion texture Exudes a distinctive temperament With high transparent fly net, which can prevent mosquitoes at the same time, but will not affect the landscape.

Integrated armrest design Provide you with a more leisurely viewing experience Customized one-piece armrest, more elegant, with ten-year warranty

Linkage Design Unique design & panoramic view UK Medo brand hardware Glass panel and high transparent fly screen linkage

Concealed Drainage Superior drainage system More concise and perfect appearance

Efficient Sealing, Energy Saving And Environmental Protection The unique sealing structure of rubber strip improves the sealing performance of the whole window in an all-round way

Multiple Guarantees, Mute Safety Equipped with side-opening diamond mesh, inward opening design, multi-lock point locking, glass interior structure and other designs, this sliding window has sound insulation and heat insulation, strong environmental adaptability, moisture resistance and moisture resistance, convenient use, effectively preventing mosquitoes from invading, greatly improving Improve the safety of the room and the comfort of daily life.

A light luxury and fashionable sliding window, a push and a pull room brings a more concise, comfortable and high-quality home experience. Medo doors and windows give more imagination to the space, allowing people to get along with the living room and enjoy the changing seasons. Slowly savor the happiness of home.

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