May 17, 2024

Talkie launches an innovative app that blends AI-driven conversations with interactive gaming elements.

Talkie, an emerging leader in AI-driven interactive technology, announced the launch of its groundbreaking mobile application designed to forge deeper emotional connections through real-time interactions. The app, named Talkie, combines the thrill of interactive AI-generated objects with the dynamics of collectible card games, offering users a novel and engaging way to interact with digital personas.

Talkie enables users to engage in meaningful conversations with a variety of AI characters, each equipped with a unique personality and conversational abilities. As users explore different topics and deepen interactions, they earn collectible cards that symbolize the subjects discussed. These cards serve not only as achievements but also as tradable assets within the Talkie community. Users can exchange cards for virtual currency, which can be utilized to unlock additional interactive features and rewards.


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“The essence of Talkie lies in its ability to offer users a soulful AI companion that is always ready to engage in meaningful and personalized conversations,” said Min Zhe Yin, Founder of Talkie. “Our platform is more than just a chat app; it’s a new form of interactive entertainment that combines the elements of role-playing and card collecting in a unique emotional experience.”

This innovative approach not only enhances the interactive experience but also fosters a sense of community among users who can trade and share their achievements in a meaningful way.


Talkie is now available for download on various platforms, providing users around the world with access to a unique AI companionship experience, anytime and anywhere.

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