July 11, 2024

Introducing Steve AI 2.0, the newest update of the AI-driven video production tool globally. This innovative platform empowers users to craft both live-action and animated videos within minutes.

Building upon the achievements of its predecessor, Steve AI 2.0 enhances the platform with increased functionality, scalability, and creative capabilities. Whether you’re a social media educator, a specialized content creator, a brand marketer, or a fervent content enthusiast, Steve AI 2.0 offers an ideal solution for all your video production requirements.

Step into the world of Steve AI 2.0 – the most advanced AI video creator to date.

What Steve AI 2.0 Can Do for You?


Steve AI 2.0 takes the platform to a whole new level, introducing features that will revolutionize your video creation experience.

Here is the list of new features:
Text to GenAI Video
The world’s first AI engine that converts text prompts into captivating videos. Simply type in your message, and witness AI change it into an impressive video. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of video styles, including 3D, Anime, or Pixel Art, and fine-tune the settings to match your preferences.

AI Voice-to-Video
With Steve’s AI Voice to Video, breathe new life into your audio content. Upload your voiceover or podcast, and let the AI create a video that syncs seamlessly with the audio.

Repurposing Brilliance
Repurpose your existing content by giving it a fresh twist. Transform your ideas into captivating videos tailor-made for social media and other platforms. With repurposing, you’ll effortlessly create more content while captivating your audience.

Animated Talking Head Videos
Meet AI TalkingHead videos—the most realistic and expressive avatars that speak your words. Gone are the days of dull, static headshots. Steve AI 2.0 leverages AI technology to animate avatars from various angles, perfectly syncing their movements with your message.

Video Exports & App Performance
Steve AI now offers 3X faster exports and has fixed over 100 bugs, resulting in an app performance that’s 2X better. Get ready to create and share your masterpieces effortlessly!

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Steve API
With the Steve API, you get access to Steve AI from any platform or device. You can integrate with major Learning Management System (LMS) tools and tap into a diverse repository of over 100 human-like voices.

Prompt Engineering Course
Steve AI has partnered with Animaker and Vmaker, two renowned online video creation and screen recording tools, to offer a certified course. Dive into this program to enhance your storytelling skills and elevate your research capabilities.

Steve for Enterprise
Tailored solutions, dedicated support, account managers, and advanced security features. Large organizations can now create interactive videos and animations effortlessly.

New Features
Steve AI has listened to its users and rolled out more than 20 new features. These include text animations, advanced video editing, seamless transitions, music visualizers, asset collections, animated AI avatars, and improved AI ethics and security

New world of GIFs – Giphy Integration
Steve AI seamlessly integrates with Giphy, the largest online platform for animated GIFs. Access millions of GIFs to enhance your videos and animations creatively.

A Glimpse into the Future
Steve AI continues to innovate. Upcoming features include PDF to Video Maker, PPT to Video, Auto-Translations, and Social Media Management. Get ready for a future where Steve AI becomes the ultimate platform for creating and sharing AI-powered videos and animations

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The post Steve AI 2.0 Unleashed: Transforming Text into Visual Masterpieces first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

Steve AI 2.0 Unleashed: Transforming Text into Visual Masterpieces first appeared on Web and IT News.

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