July 23, 2024
‘Different Sounds Of Praise’ is a beautiful amalgamation of gratitude, love, and hope for all those struggling souls that wish to use music as a means of escape

Heavenli Soul Music Group is Kiyamma Griffin’s labor of love, a musical collective that produces exciting and new music for audiences all over. The singer believes in the power of music in making even the most difficult situations seem easy through the power of human connection and empathy. It is this core message coupled with genuine love and faith in God which helps the artist continue to produce music that helps listeners deal with dire circumstances.


Realizing that the mind, body, heart, and spirit of an Artist influence the impact that they have on the world, this band is devoted to leading individuals to the healing power of God that is found in the perfect harmony between these individual parts of the body. ‘Different Sounds of Praise vol2’ is one such attempt at creating an inner sense of peace and self-reconciliation for all listeners which can help them then spread their contentment; like a beautiful domino effect of faith and love for all those that crave it.

The new album is full of a brilliant mix of songs including ‘Holy Spirit- Don’t Take It’, ‘God Is Love’, ‘I’m Free’, and ‘Good Good Good’ each of which expands on a specific emotional message for the listener that turns to it. Each song hopes to bring perspective to the listener to allow them to recognize the tools that they already possess to better their lives and spread their happiness all around. In doing so, Heavenli Soul Music Group provides its loyal fans with a communal space that allows them to transcend their regional bounds.

Discover the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube and Spotify or their own website at the following link http://www.heavenlisoulmg.com. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email heavenlisoul@gmail.com. Stay tuned to the artist’s social media for new updates on upcoming music!


Born in the winter of 1975 in New Jersey, it did not take long for Griffins to discover his affinity for music. This passion for music made the young star produce music for most well-known R&B, Hip Hop, and Gospel artists in the music industry including Mary J. Blige, Christopher Williams, Michael Jackson, Freddie Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Brother Hahz, A.N.C., Usher, Al B Sure, The SOP Chorale and among many others. This early influence on musical legends helped the young star shape his musical taste and dutifully commit himself to the production of music that excited him.

The eclectic artist’s most recent projects, as CEO of Heavenl Soul Music Group, include a collection of compilation albums; Heavenli Soul Christmas with friends, Different Sounds of Praise volume 1, Worship In Motion, Wake Up America, and (the latest) Different Sounds Of Praise volume 2, each of which uniquely displays his musical genius. Stay tuned to the musician’s social media for a beautiful consortium of music that will brighten your spirit!


Facebook: http://facebook.com/heavenlisoulmusicgroup

Instagram: http://instagram.com/heavenlisoulmusicgroup


Twitter: http://twitter.com/heavenlisoulmg

YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mPmngxFZMPgZauTvc__rAGJADZ7ka5drs

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/399lV2ed7nXgZLG66wZpWA?si=nmmcfd-SQRaRyHkrCY7oKQ

LastFM: http://lastFM.com/HSMG

Media Contact
Company Name: Heavenli Soul Music Group
Contact Person: Kiyamma Griffin (CEO)
Email: Send Email
Phone: (646) 948-8221
City: New York
State: New York
Country: United States
Website: https://facebook.com/heavenlisoulmusicgroup

The post Soulful And Electrifying Christian Hip-Hop Music That Enlivens The Audience: Heavenli Soul Music Group Releases A Hit New Album For Listeners Everywhere. first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

Soulful And Electrifying Christian Hip-Hop Music That Enlivens The Audience: Heavenli Soul Music Group Releases A Hit New Album For Listeners Everywhere. first appeared on Web and IT News.

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