June 18, 2024
The much-anticipated 16th SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition came as scheduled. SOROTEC, as a well-known enterprise that has been deeply involved in the field of light for many years, exhibited a series of light storage products, providing visitors with a “Photovoltaic + energy storage” grand feast. Sorid’s booth N4-820-821, the media focus, is very popular, let us find out!
In recent years, the rapid development of photovoltaic and energy storage markets has opened up incremental space for the inverter market. As the core component of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage systems, the inverter market will also usher in high growth. As a leading brand of photovoltaic storage, SOROTEC exhibited photovoltaic products on the household side, industrial and commercial side, and recently popular energy storage products. SOROTEC household energy storage inverter products have high power generation and volume Features such as small size and easy maintenance. Among them, single-phase household inverters are very popular overseas. They can dynamically connect massive photovoltaic and energy storage devices. Through monitoring applications and portals, intelligent systems that can be managed and controlled on the go realize projects. Full lifecycle management, visual monitoring, and intelligent operation and maintenance meet customers’ energy figures in different application scenarios. Industrial and commercial photovoltaic inverters are also the main products of SOROTEC, which are sold well at home and abroad, with complete power coverage to meet the diversified needs of customers.
Under the background of global carbon neutrality, the installed capacity of photovoltaics has increased rapidly, and the shipments of inverters have also continued to rise. Sorad, which has already been on the solar-storage track, made its appearance at the SNEC exhibition this time. On the basis of continuous product iteration, SOROTEC increased investment in R&D and innovation, and produced in strict accordance with national standards. SOROTEC household energy storage inverter iHESS-M series single-phase (6kW) and three-phase (12kW) ALL IN ONE all-in-one machine adopts modular integrated design, integrating solar-storage hybrid inverter and iron-lithium battery. The battery module can be flexibly expanded in stages, the quick plug can be moved, the operation is simple, and it is convenient for transportation and installation. It has strong load capacity, supports seamless and off-grid switching, and the product protection level reaches IP65, which is durable and has maximum flexibility. SOROTEC’s high-power string inverters are “big” to shine. They not only exhibited models with mature technology, but also launched new inverter products, which do not derate when the temperature is greater than 45°C. The performance is full and eye-catching.
The company attaches great importance to this SNEC international photovoltaic event, and looks forward to discussing the future of photovoltaic storage with the industry on this platform and jointly leading the road of photovoltaic development and innovation. During the exhibition, the sponsor’s industry media and photovoltaic energy storage mainstream media expressed concern about SOROTEC and its products. The company’s leaders accepted on-site interviews from the media, and the company’s staff also explained in detail on the spot, attracting many customers to stop, consult and negotiate. The exhibition site was crowded with exhibitors, partners and media friends from all over the world to visit SOROTEC booth. With the rapid explosion of solar energy storage, SOROTEC rides the wind and gathers strength to move forward, and discusses the future of optical energy storage wisdom with everyone.

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