May 17, 2024

Collaboration aims to enhance development and adoption of real-time, AI-driven solutions in dynamic Korean market

SingleStore, the data platform that allows you to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time, today announced an exclusive partnership with Agile Platform to bring real-time, AI-driven solutions to the Korean market. SingleStore’s real-time data platform is designed for growing businesses dealing with modern applications, analytics, and AI — and its next-generation technology has been gaining significant traction in the APAC region.

Agile Platform is a data-specialized firm that offers various consulting services including those related to SingleStore to enable real-time processing, analysis, and visualization based on data, both on-premises and in cloud environments. Over the past five years, Agile Platform has been actively dedicated to exploring and expanding its presence in the Korean market, leveraging SingleStore. Through collaborations with various clients, Agile Platform has been recognized for its expertise and technical proficiency.


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Having already established a strong presence in Korea, SingleStore is proud to have leading companies including Kakao, POSCO, LG Innotek, K Bank, Kiwoon Securities, SK Telecom, and many more as customers. These industry-leading organizations have adopted SingleStore’s comprehensive data platform for a variety of use cases.

“With our deep understanding of the Korean market and extensive adjacent network, we believe we are the perfect partner to support SingleStore’s expansion in APAC and bring its technology to even more Korean businesses, “ said JeongHee Han, CEO, Agile Platform. “This collaboration will enhance the data platform’s market presence but also offer Korean businesses access to a powerful, scalable solution that can effectively handle their growing data requirements.”


“South Korea ranks third globally in the number of AI patents. In addition, its recent commitment to invest 9.4 trillion won (US$6.9 billion) in supporting the local AI industry underscores the ripe market for genAI technologies. SingleStore, standing at the forefront of the AI revolution with its cutting-edge data platform, is poised to become the world’s only platform capable of reading, writing, and reasoning on petabyte-scale data in milliseconds. With our strategic alliance with Agile Platform, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to empower digital-native and cloud-forward Korean companies to accelerate genAI adoption, build AI-fronted applications, and enhance analytical capabilities,” said Sanjay Aurora, General Manager of APJ at SingleStore.

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