June 14, 2024

Historically, the only way for most companies to access Vietnam’s expansive technical & creative talent pools was to rely on outsourcing or Employer of Record (EOR) vendors. Setting up directly – with an office and full services – was a time-consuming, complex, and costly endeavor reserved only for the biggest businesses.

“Outsourcing and EOR do have their place. However, the energy and creative osmosis of a team working together, on a mission they are passionate about, is the key to driving innovation. That’s only possible with your own team,” Sibyl Co. CEO, Theo Sanders, notes. 


To create this possibility, Sibyl Teams, a new “Managing Insourcing” service, packages everything a company needs to reap the benefits of launching their in-house team, operating in their own office, with their own unique company culture.

Legal and compliance, HR (Human Resources) and payroll management, office and infrastructure setup, and ongoing support for the team’s daily operations are abstracted away from clients, allowing them focus on what matters most: building excellent product at a fraction of the cost.

“Going direct in Vietnam is now a realistic option for so many more companies. We cannot wait to see the products they build as a result of this enabling service,” continued Theo Sanders.

Clients retain full control over their team’s culture, development, work, and priorities – with staff they can nurture for the long run. The feedback from onboarded clients has been encouraging:

Peter Soderbaum, Art Director at Sibyl Teams client Trailblazer Games shared, “I would recommend Sibyl in a heartbeat for anyone looking to tap into the amazing talent pool in Vietnam and create an amazing team at a fraction of the cost.”

“Sibyl has been incredibly supportive, providing the guidance and expertise that’s been critical to the successful launch of our new studio,” added client Shannon Perell, CEO of arcadeXR.


Sibyl Teams is now available globally as an alternative to outsourcing and EOR.

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The post Sibyl Teams Launches New Managed Insourcing Service for Companies to build In-House Product Teams in Vietnam first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

Sibyl Teams Launches New Managed Insourcing Service for Companies to build In-House Product Teams in Vietnam first appeared on Web and IT News.

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