May 17, 2024

Product photography plays a crucial role in marketing. Professional product photography can take your business to newer heights and improve ROI. Quality product shots can be the decider between clients clicking add to cart on your site or buying from your competitor.

You can hire a product photographer to take stunning shots of your catalog. Better yet, you can create a studio and take the shots from your living room or office. With the right equipment and some creativity, you can take quality images that will drive traffic and boost sales on your website.

Below are tips to help you build a product photography studio.

Your Space

Look for ample space within your shop or office to set up your studio. Declutter the area and make enough room to move around as you place your lights and prop the products. Choose a spot near a large window that lets in natural light during the day.

Natural light when the sun is rising or setting is the best for photography. It is soft and even, making your products look stunning.

How to Take Stellar Shots

Product photography is about experimentation to see which angles work best. First, ensure that your setup is correct. However, we recommend professional product photography services like Squareshot for complex projects like ghost mannequin photos.

The best time to take photos is during the day when you can leverage the power of natural light. Try placing your product at different angles while adjusting the distance from the camera. The ‘rules of thirds’ feature can help you ensure that the photos don’t appear skewed.

Purchase Essential Equipment

You don’t need state-of-the-art cameras to set up a DIY product photography studio. Technology is more advanced today, and with the right skills, you can take high-quality shots using an iPhone 15, Galaxy S24 Ultra, or Google Pixel 8 Pro.


You require a tripod to help you stabilize the camera and capture sharp and focused shots. Also, get a backdrop and one or two softbox lights. For the backdrop, plain white is the best color, but you can also experiment with colored backdrops to complement your brand aesthetic.

Another thing you may need in your studio is props, depending on your niche. Props will help you add more life to your product photos. For example, you can purchase a mannequin for taking shots of clothes.

Final Touches and Editing

Basic editing can improve the final version of your photos. You can use premium or freemium photo-editing apps to get the desired effect on your photos. Do not edit the pictures too much because it will destroy the originality. Customers will become more skeptical about the product if the image is highly edited.

Also, add a watermark or branding on your images to prevent others from stealing your work.

Summing Up

Setting up a DIY product photography studio for your business can help you create amazing images that boost your website’s SEO, leading to more traffic and conversions. You can use YouTube tutorials to improve your skills as you go.

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