July 24, 2024

The space-saving and resource-saving Raspberry Pi device has become integral to almost every business. There are several applications and use cases of Raspberry Pi devices, such as embedded IoT solutions, EV chargers, intelligent home applications, interactive kiosks, building effective management systems, etc. Raspberry Pi access remotely can be done through reboot desktop connections, port forwarding, or VPN connections. It is essential to ensure that whichever way peoples choose can help them mitigate security risks and network connectivity issues, resulting in lower deployment and maintenance costs. This article will help peoples know how to connect to a Raspberry Pi device remotely. Peoples can ensure Raspberry Pi remote access in many ways apart from the popular options of using SSH or VNC.


What are the fast ways to remote access Raspberry Pi over the Internet?

A single-board computer that comes at a lower price point and also consumes less energy for performing operations is Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is an ideal computing device and is a popular choice as it can be placed on any smart device. Therefore, it is essential to manage Raspberry Pi and IoT devices to check their CPU performance and health status.

Unmanaged IoT or Raspberry Pi devices can lead to revenue loss due to customer churn. One of the biggest challenges for an IoT vendor is to know how to manage and connect Raspberry Pi remotely over the Internet to log, monitor, debug, reconfigure, reboot, and update. The RemoteIoT management platform provides some secure ways through which people can remotely access their Raspberry Pi devices over the Internet as follows.

Create an account

The first and foremost step to ensure Raspberry Pi Remote Access is to create their account using their password and e-mail. Always choose a secure and robust password if peoples are remotely accessing their Raspberry Pi device. For example, use a long keyword that contains symbols from the alphabet and numbers.

Remote access Raspberry Pi over the Internet using SSH

Secure shell or SSH refers to a network protocol that offers a secure and protected means to access and connect Raspberry terminal over the Internet. SSH is based on a client-server model. The SSH server will run on the raspberry pi terminal, and the SSH client will run on the user’s laptop or PC. An SSH server software is already installed on their Raspberry Pi device. OpenSSH offers an open-source implementation of the client software and the SSH server.

Remote access Raspberry Pi using VNC over the Internet

VNC stands for virtual network connection, a network protocol that helps to safely access Raspberry Pi desktop or GUI. Generally, VNC is used for accessing the graphical user interface of platforms based on Linux, like Raspberry Pi. VNCs are based on a client-server model. The VNC server runs on the Raspberry Pi terminal, and the VNC client runs on the PC or used laptop. The open-source VNC software Tight NC is installed on their Raspberry Pi device to facilitate remote desktop access. Using the VNC to remotely access their Raspberry Pi is straightforward, as no prior training is required. Then peoples must provide a username and password to securely access the device.

Remote access Raspberry Pi using RDP or remote desktop protocol


RDP stands for remote desktop protocol, which refers to a proprietary protocol that Microsoft has designed to access the Windows desktop of one particular Windows machine from another on a local network. RDP is based on a client-server model, which means that the RDP server can run on a Raspberry Pi device, and the RDP client will run on either a PC or the user’s laptop. The open-source RDP software Rap is already installed on their Raspberry Pi device. Xrdp is used to remotely access the graphical user interface desktop of platforms based on Linux, like Raspberry Pi. A great feature of XRDP which makes it an excellent technique to access the desktop of their Raspberry Pi device remotely, is that it is supposed to have a complex remote interface connection and bidirectional clipboard transfer, video, and audio redirection. XRDP uses Microsoft remote desktop protocol for accessing the machine, which includes the installed OS of macOS, Linux or Windows, iOS, and Android.

Remote access to Raspberry Pi using a web application

One of the simplest and easiest ways to control and connect their Raspberry Pi device remotely is to use a web client and install and run an IoT web application on their device. For instance, peoples can write a Python Flask web server app for remotely accessing the images, files, and videos from the log files, configuration files, and web cameras.

Remotely accessing Raspberry Pi via TeamViewer

Another popular and widely used method for connecting Raspberry Pi remotely is the use of a TeamViewer. It is an application through which peoples can access multiple machines remotely and perform diverse activities. If peoples are connecting their Raspberry Pi with their computing device, then ensure that the TeamViewer package is installed correctly on both their computer as well as on their Raspberry Pi.

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