June 18, 2024

SAMEBIKE is pleased to announce the launch of their LO26-II, RS-A01, and RS-A08 mountain electric bikes, as well as their MY275 and 20LVXD30-II commuter e-bikes. Additionally, its very own application can be downloaded right now. The production of electric bicycles is the primary focus of its business, which has more than 18 years professional experience. Both the European and American markets for electric bicycles are served by the company’s products. The commuter e-bikes from SAMEBIKE are perfectly crafted with riders in mind, making commuting enjoyable and even including a basket for your stuff, such a humanized design. And SAMEBIKE offers the perfect mountain ebikes with well functions. Apart from the long range, powerful suspension, high speed, and the hydraulic disc brake increase the safety and riding comforts.


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SAMEBIKE insists on investing a lot of human, material, and financial resources in technology and equipment, develops better products to bring users a better riding experience, vigorously advocates a low-carbon life, and contributes as much as possible to the mitigation of greenhouse gases. The superior quality of SAMEBIKE’s commuting, mountain, and foldable electric bikes  definitely can make your life more enjoyable. These five new arrivals LO26-II, RS-A01, RS-A08, MY275, 20LVXD30-II have innovated the original technology and upgraded the performance of the product in many aspects. The SAMEBIKE commuter electric bikes are exactly designed for riders, make the commuting way fun and even have a basket to place your bag.

The founder said about the new innovation, “LO26-II foldable e-bikes is great for high ways and flat dirt road, RS-A01 is built as a city commuter electric bike while RS-A08 is a perfect choice for adventures to conquer every terrains. Riding our electric bicycles will be enjoyable and adored by both men and women. Our folding bicycles are available in a variety of stylish colors and designs. As a result, customers can choose bicycles based on their needs and tastes.”

Five New Arrivals

SAMEBIKE consistently offers good prices with significantly more value, such as LO26-II-FT, RS-A01, and RS-A08.

1. SAMEBIKE LO26 II 750W Spoke Wheel Folding Mountain Ebike

The LO26-II-FT is a unique style of mountain e-bike that can be folded down for simpler transit, allowing you to enjoy the freedom to ride anywhere.

1) Brushless high-speed motor

Adapt brushless high-speed 750W motor with a 70-torque output and robust power, power riders’ life with a top speed of up to 35 km/h (22 mph) with ease on flat terrain, even at 40 degrees uphill

2) Long-range battery

A high-performance 18650 power battery, with its stable 48v 12.5Ah output, you can enjoy a longer trip as the folding mountain electric bike takes you up to 50 km (31 miles) for pure electric mode and 100 km (62 miles) for assist mode on a single charge.

3) 21 Speed shifter

Riders can shift 21 speeds totally with Shimano 7-speed gear and 3 front gear, enabling adventures to choose speed more flexible.

4) Full suspension

Lockable front fork and softail suspension with 2.35” wide best shock absorber tires, it effectively reduces the vibration effect, providing soft and comfortable riding. Unlock the front fork when conquering mountains, and lock it for highways. No terrain is too rugged for the LO26-II electric bike; you will conquer all with the best in class comfort.

5) 0-5 levels of pedal assist

SAMEBIKE electric bikes are equipped with levels 0-5 of pedal assist. Level 5 provides the max power of motor output. These varying levels of pedal assist determine how much power the rider is relying on from the motor compared to their pedaling.

6) Color LCD display

750W LO26-II features an LCD display on the handlebars that makes it easy to monitor your speed, pedal assist level, and battery charge. Located in a central location that is easy to see while riding, this feature makes it even easier to ride comfortably and safely.


2. SAMEBIKE RS-A01 750W Commuter Electric Bike

 SAMEBIKE Launches New Commuter, Mountain and Folding E-bikes MY275, LO26-II, RS-A01, RS-A08, 20LVXD30-II and its own app 11

1) 14Ah battery

Extends the range to 60 km (37 mile) for pure electric mode and 120 km (75 miles) for assist mode.

2) Strong suspension

E-bike can though stairs comfortably with a double lockable suspension front fork, saddle tube shock, and puncture-resistant tire.

3) E-Bike basket

Designed exactly for commuters, riders can put bags into bike baskets.

4) 750W high speed permanent magnet DC brushless hub motor

It is powerful and quiet, with enormous torque. Ride up to 40km/h (25 mph) with ease on flat terrain. The 7 speed gear can offer you enough speed and never worry about how far you have to go or how many times you will pass in busy traffic and always enjoy the smooth riding experience even at 40 degrees uphill.

5) 7 speed gear & 0-5 levels of pedal assist

The 7 speed gear shift system offers you more choice while riding in a variety of conditions. SAMEBIKE RS-A01 are equipped with levels 0-5 of pedal assist. Level 0 provides no assist, level 1 is the lowest level of assist and level 5 is the highest.

6) KENDA fat tires

26” *3” tires combined with a full suspension fork provide users with soft and comfortable riding.


3. SAMEBIKE RS-A08 750W Mountain Electric Bike

The SAMEBIKE RS-A08 stands out for the powerful full suspension, hydraulic brake, fat tire as well as the long range and color LCD screen.

SAMEBIKE Launches New Commuter, Mountain and Folding E-bikes MY275, LO26-II, RS-A01, RS-A08, 20LVXD30-II and its own app 12

1) 816W motor & Samsung 21700 battery cells

It adopts a 21700 battery pack and offers a 40% longer riding range with overcharge and power-off protection. The stable 48V 17Ah and strong output can make you always enjoy a longer trip and takes you up to 70km (44miles) for pure electric mode and 140km (88miles) for assist mode on a single charge.

2) High-speed power

High-speed power with the brushless power system, 70 Nm of torque, and high power. Users can enjoy a smooth ride even at 40 degrees uphill. It is perfect for riders to conquer the mountains.

3) KENDA fat tires

4-inch wider tires combined with a full suspension fork provide users with soft and comfortable riding.

4) Hydraulic disc brake

SAMEBIKE RS-A08 improves braking in all conditions. Increase riding safety, stability, and steerability. Hydraulic brakes typicall reduce braking distance by 50% than mechanical brakes.

5) 0-5 levels of pedal assist

Level 5 provides the max power of motor output. These varying levels of pedal assist determine how much power the rider is relying on from the motor compared to their pedaling.


6) Multifunctional Color LCD display

4. SAMEBIKE MY275 27.5 inch 500W City Electric Bike

SAMEBIKE Launches New Commuter, Mountain and Folding E-bikes MY275, LO26-II, RS-A01, RS-A08, 20LVXD30-II and its own app 13 

1) High-speed motor

The brushless power technology used by the permanent magnet synchronous high-speed motor produces 70 torque and high power. Using a maximum speed of 32 km/h (20 mph), propel your life.

2) 13Ah Easy-removal hidden battery

The 48V 13Ah EVE high-performance battery will allow you to go between 55 and 110 kilometers (34 and 68 miles) in pure electric and assist modes, respectively, on a single charge. With multiple protection including overcharge and power-off protection, you can ride with confidence.

3) Dual disc brakes

Mechanical disc brakes provide superior braking performance and durability, which guarantee safe riding.

4) Half twist throttle

The Half-twist throttle helps prevent accidental activation, protecting you from inadvertent injuries.

5) 0-5 levels of pedal assist

5. SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II 350W Folding Commuter Mini Electric Bike

1) High-speed motor

A permanent magnet synchronous high-speed motor adopts a brushless power system with an output of 50 torque and high power. Power your life with a maximum speed of 32km/h.

2) Ternary lithium battery

It is equipped with a 18650 high-performance ternary lithium battery. Insured by CPIC and its stable and strong 48V 10.4Ah output, a longer and safer trip that takes users up to 40 and 80km (25-50miles) for pure electric and assist mode, respectively, on a full charge. SAMEBIKE folding electric bike makes you feel your city with a simple, comfortable, and reliable ride.

3) LCD display & USB charger

Keep track of your speed, pedal assist level, and battery, all displayed on this perfectly positioned LCD screen. Located on the handlebars of your folding E-Bike, which is easily viewable.

4) Shimano 7s & Throttle

With Shimano 7s derailleur, getting anywhere on the SAMEBIKE folding electric bike can be as hard or as easy, as the workout you want. If you need that little extra boost to get you home or just want to enjoy the scenery, the throttle function will take care of powering you along.

There are more SAMEBIKE electric bikes and there will always be one that suits you.


The purpose of the software was to track the state of the e-bike and make riding more convenient. This software was developed with a lot of work by the SAMEBIKE group and is currently available in the app store for iOS and Android users. The primary data that riders may monitor including speed, navigation, battery maintenance, and distance travelled, riding record, accout information, light controller.

 SAMEBIKE Launches New Commuter, Mountain and Folding E-bikes MY275, LO26-II, RS-A01, RS-A08, 20LVXD30-II and its own app 14

How to use the app:

Step 1: Enter the destination on the search bar, it supports manual and voice input.

Step 2: The best route will be automatically planned.

Step 3: Start riding, and the information including current speed, location, cycling mileage, and battery life can be viewed obviously.

Step 4: Arrive at the destination, exit the current navigation, and exit navigation.

Main types of SAMEBIKE electric bike

1. SAMEBIKE Fat Tire Electric Bike

SAMEBIKE fat tire electric bikes feature 4-inch wide all-terrain and full suspension that will absorb all bumps in your path. Moreover, the all-terrain fat wheels of SAMEBIKE fat tire electric bikes have more surface area contact. Whether you are riding on paved roads, gravel, and rutted trails, or through snow or sand, you can ride fat tire electric bikes freely.

2. SAMEBIKE Electric Mountain Bike

Designed for trail riding, SAMEBIKE electric mountain bikes have all the features of a traditional mountain bike, and the added bonus of a powerful motor and 21700 battery cells to help you tackle rough mountain terrain with colorful LCD display. You can get a powerful 500W-816W motor and removable battery, with enough power to conquer any hill when choosing the SAMEBIKE electric mountain bike.

3. SAMEBIKE Folding Electric Bike

SAMEBIKE folding electric bikes are not only suitable for workers living in the city but also very suitable for travel. You can fold foldable e-bikes in less than a minute, transforming them from capable commuter tools into easy-to-carry packages. The SAMEBIKE folding electric bike folds quickly and has a lightweight frame for easy storage in any vehicle.

4. SAMEBIKE Electric City Bike

SAMEBIKE electric city bikes will be perfect for your life on the go. They have high-speed power with a brushless power system to power your life at a maximum speed of 40 km; even at 20 degrees uphill, you can enjoy a smooth ride. Whether you’re commuting to work, going to the gym, or cruising to a cafe, it will get you there in style and speed.


Since its foundation, SAMEBIKE has been in the business of selling Commuter, Mountain, Folding, and Fat Tire electric bikes for 18 years. It is present in both the European and American electric bicycle markets in over 35 countries and empowers more and more people to live a more fun and healthier life. Up to now, over 35 million riders worldwide have chosen SAMEBIKE and have saved more than 4 million LBS of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting more than 6 million trees, working together to improve the global environment and green life.

At present, SAMEBIKE has warehouses and after-sales outlets in Poland, UK, US, Canada, Japan and South Korea, which guarantees 4-10 days fast delivery and provide fast and convenient after-sales service. Users can resolve any issues in the shortest possible duration of time by contacting the SAMEBIKE electric bicycle professional group.


SAMEBIKE Group has obtained many certifications, including European CE, UK UKCA, US GCC, South Korean KC, Japanese PSE, Australian SAA and Argentine IRAM certifications.

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