July 23, 2024
RUSI and eyrise collaborate to transform historic London headquarters with innovative solar shading smart glass while prioritizing sustainability.

A historical transformation has become a reality as RUSI (the Royal United Services Institute) joins forces with eyrise to unleash a wave of innovation upon its iconic grade II listed headquarters in central London. The installation of innovative solar shading glass now adorns a jaw-dropping contemporary glazed dome that will redefine elegance and functionality.

Imagine stepping into a world where the past seamlessly merges with the future. RUSI’s historic building, a true gem dating back to 1896, is undergoing a metamorphosis. The ambitious renovation project, now reaching its final stages, is set to reimagine the organization’s office space, catapulting it into the 21st century with state-of-the-art technology and a striking new fifth floor.


RUSI, the think-tank born out of the visionary mind of the Duke of Wellington in 1831, is a global powerhouse in security and defense. From its vantage point in the heart of London, RUSI shapes the world’s most critical conversations, hosting world leaders and policymakers. And now, future world leaders will gather under this awe-inspiring dome that will become the stage for generations of agenda-setting events to come.

eyrise, the herald of architectural innovation, located in Veldhoven, Netherlands, has been entrusted with the task of providing 85 m2 of dynamic liquid crystal glazing to adorn this magnificent dome which includes 70 double glass panels, shimmering within the dome’s steel structure, boasting the revolutionary Licrivision technology. This glass can instantly transform from bright to shaded at the touch of a button, allowing natural daylight to flood the space without sacrificing comfort.

RUSI’s new dome will offer visual allure and a harmonious blend of comfort, light regulation, and color neutrality. The dome’s occupants will be able to enjoy visual comfort and a balance of natural light and shading provided by eyrise liquid crystal mixture D, the most advanced liquid crystal formula on the market today. The glass’s light transmission has been optimized based on the building’s orientation to the sun.

“This renovation is a leap into the future, bringing our beloved landmark building into the 21st century.” Deborah Pourkarimi, Chief Operating Officer at RUSI exclaimed, “The new dome will be an extraordinary space, a hub of ideas and collaboration nestled in the heart of Westminster. Together, we will shape a safer, more secure, and stable world.” 

eyrise’s contributions extend beyond aesthetics. By infusing sustainability into the very core of the building, the dome’s futuristic design also ensures reduced energy consumption. Thanks to eyrise, the need for excessive air conditioning and lighting will be minimized, leaving a greener footprint on our planet making it one of the most exciting green-tech façade solutions.

Witnessing this grand renovation is like stepping into a page of architectural history. With Coniston leading the construction efforts, and Octatube constructing the steel dome structure and installing the eyrise dynamic glass, this collaboration promises to leave an indelible mark on London’s skyline.


eyrise, the epitome of progressive design and cutting-edge smart-glass technology, empowering architects and designers worldwide to craft premium glass structures and facades that defy convention. Their portfolio shines with remarkable projects like BAFTA’s headquarters, The Precedent in Brussels, Müllerstrasse in Zurich, the German Pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai, Orkla City in Oslo, FC Campus in Karlsruhe, and the iconic Niemeyer Sphere in Leipzig, Germany. 

To learn more visit: https://www.eyrise.com, email eyrise@merckgroup.com or call 0031618719943

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RUSI Teams Up with eyrise ‘dynamic-glass’ for a Spectacular London green-tech Makeover first appeared on Web and IT News.

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