July 25, 2024
The song will be available on all streaming platforms from March 31, 2023

Rommel Balacanao is now coming back with yet another single, this time a cover of the popular Matchbox 20 song named Unwell. This is a very good song that truly shows the human condition in all of its glory, but also the challenges that a lot of people are facing each and every day. It’s a very emotional and engaging song, one that truly pushes the limits while bringing in something creative and empowering.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/cpST69Ik12I

Rommel is very proud of this new rendition of the song because it helps engage people and focus on their success. At the same time, it also brings in a lot of focus on ourselves and the fact that we need to take better care of our lives instead of pushing it onwards and not doing the things we want. At the same time, the song is set to bring us even more ways to rethink what we do in our lives and prioritize things accordingly. Simple stuff like that is extremely engaging, and it can bring in a very powerful way for us to rethink our strategies and pick ourselves up in a way that’s strong and very exciting.



Aside from working on the single, Rommel Balacanao was also on a 2 month break from other things as he engaged into a new hobby, which is cycling. Nevertheless, he will never forget music and his little success of his previous release last December called “Merry Christmas Everyone” reaches iTunes chart for 2 weeks and played on radio stations and that’s why he’s back with his own rendition of “Unwell”. He actually started cycling with a group of friends, more specifically Marco Calisesi, Floyd Baylon, Edmund Roma, Adones Pangan and Ernel Arbes. They all have a passion for music and cycling, so getting into his new hubby is a great idea and a very exciting opportunity to say the least to get fitter and helping the environment.


Matchbox 20 had a great hit on their hand with Unwell and this song is an extremely well made, very powerful and interesting song. A lot of people feel empowered by it, which is why Rommel Balacanao wanted to create his own version in order to further enhance the power of this song and bring it to new audiences.


You can listen to Rommel Balacanao’s new cover of Unwell starting on the 31st of March 2023 on all streaming platforms, so don’t hesitate and check it out. This song was a massive hit and it managed to connect with a lot of people thanks to its unique style and incredible ideas.

The song is a mixture of fun and creativity which makes it enjoyable for listeners. And that’s why it’s an amazing song for everyone to enjoy at the end of this month!

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