May 19, 2024
SHL Telemedicine’s alliance with BARMER at BMC Congress 2024 is part of a major leap in digital healthcare, amidst a booming telemedicine market, projected to hit $286.22 billion by 2030. This alliance aligns SHL with global trends in digital health, promising to revolutionize patient care in Germany’s evolving healthcare sector. This collaboration showcases SHL’s commitment to leading in a tech-driven healthcare future, emphasizing accessibility and efficiency.

In an era where digital innovation is reshaping healthcare, SHL Telemedicine (NASDAQ: SHLT) (SIX: SHLTN), a trailblazer in personal telemedicine solutions, is set to make a significant impact at the BMC Congress 2024 in Berlin. Their partnership with BARMER, Germany’s second largest

health insurance fund, marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more digitized and patient-centric healthcare system.

The collaboration between SHL Telemedicine’s German Operation and BARMER is a fusion of vision and technology, aimed at revolutionizing patient care. Their joint session at the BMC Congress, titled “The Potential of Digital Patient Care Using the Example of the BARMER Teledoktor,” is a testament to their commitment to advancing telemedicine and digital health. This session, scheduled for January 31, 2024, is not just a presentation; it’s a showcase of the future of healthcare.

The BARMER Teledoktor application, developed by SHL, exemplifies the transformative impact of digital healthcare solutions. Esteemed experts, including Dr. Christian Graf of BARMER, Dr. med. Jana Hensse of PRIMEDUS GmbH, and Bernd Altpeter, CEO of SHL Telemedicine in Germany, will provide valuable insights into the integration of digital solutions in patient care. Their perspectives, drawn from medical practices, health insurance companies, and telemedicine pioneers, highlight the multifaceted approach required to successfully integrate technology into healthcare. 

SHL Telemedicine’s innovative approach, combining advanced hardware and digital technologies, has positioned them as a leader in the telemedicine sector. Their focus on cardiovascular and related diseases has led to the development of personal telemedicine systems and medical call center services that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply attuned to patient needs.

The company’s journey towards revolutionizing home cardiac care and expanding its direct-to-consumer offerings in the US is a testament to its commitment to making healthcare more accessible and efficient. Their pioneering efforts in telemedicine have shown promising results, indicating a significant shift in how healthcare can be delivered and experienced.

The BMC Congress 2024 represents a significant opportunity for SHL Telemedicine and BARMER to highlight the immense potential and positive impact of telemedicine on patient care. Their session will serve as a beacon of hope for a future where healthcare is more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric. It’s a future where technology not only supports healthcare providers but also empowers patients, giving them more control over their health and wellbeing.

The telemedicine industry is not just growing; it’s surging forward, mirroring a more extensive shift in healthcare towards digital solutions. This trend is vividly illustrated by the market’s financial trajectory. In 2022, the global telemedicine market was valued at a substantial $87.41 billion. Projections show a steep upward trend, with the market size expected to reach $94.44 billion by 2023, and an impressive forecast of $286.22 billion by 2030.

In parallel, the German healthcare sector which SHL Telemedicine seems to be expanding and in which BARMER operates in is steadily embracing digitalization, with a significant increase in the adoption of digital health apps, electronic patient medical records, and e-prescriptions for drugs. As highlighted in a recent McKinsey report, the expansion of e-health offerings in Germany is notable, suggesting vast potential for growth and more uniform integration of digital healthcare solutions in the coming years, aligning with global trends in telemedicine and digital health.


This rapid growth underscores the increasing reliance on telemedicine technologies, driven by their ability to provide accessible, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare solutions. The expansion of the market is a clear indicator of the growing acceptance and integration of digital healthcare platforms in both developed and developing regions, signaling a significant transformation in how healthcare services are delivered globally.

As we stand on the brink of a new era in healthcare, SHL Telemedicine and BARMER are at the forefront, leading the charge towards a more digitized, efficient, and patient-focused healthcare system. Their collaboration at the BMC Congress is more than just a partnership; it’s a vision for the future of healthcare, showcasing the immense possibilities and benefits of digital patient care.

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