December 2, 2023
The new book “Reflections of an Ordinary Man” by author Johann Wanner is a Collection of Essays on Religion and Politics.

March 30th, 2023 – Johann Wanner’s “Reflections of an Ordinary Man” is a thought-provoking collection of essays that explores the role of religion in shaping society and governance and critiques the current political landscape. The book features quotes from Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Rush and George Washington, highlighting the importance of religion and morality in establishing and maintaining a just and prosperous society.

In “Reflections of an Ordinary Man,” Wanner takes issue with much of the current ideology and public agendas of the Democratic Party. He argues that the party’s pseudo-intellectual, progressive liberals have insidiously but meticulously driven God from the public square and that they seek unrestrained power to pursue their own agendas at the expense of the interests and welfare of ordinary citizens. Wanner reminds readers that the country was founded on basic principles such as a belief in divine providence, respect for just laws, and a commitment to liberty and personal freedom.

The essays in “Reflections of an Ordinary Man” are timely and relevant, providing a unique perspective on the current political climate in the United States. Wanner’s writing is clear and concise, making complex ideas accessible to a wide audience. This book is essential for anyone interested in the intersection of religion and politics and who wants to understand the founding principles of the United States.

About The Author

The book’s author Johann Wanner was born in the Bronx, New York City, in April 1952, to a German immigrant father and an Irish Catholic mother. He was the oldest of six children and had two brothers and three sisters. His father was a machinist who eventually became a shop foreman and later the plant manager. The author joined the air force ROTC detachment at Manhattan College in the Bronx when he was around sixteen. However, due to budget cuts, the fuel shortage, and the end of the Vietnam War, he was informed that the air force no longer needed pilots. He graduated unemployed, and during this time, he checked with the Marines and the navy. He was sent by the Air Force ROTC detachment to McGuire AFB for ninety days of active duty in southern New Jersey at McGuire AFB, where he was attached to a C-141 reserve squadron, the 732nd MAS, and later sent by that squadron to USAF undergraduate flight training. He survived the intense training, graduated on February 16th, 1977, and was sent to Altus AFB in Altus, Oklahoma to transition to his unit’s aircraft, a Lockheed C-141 Star Lifter. He retired as an instructor in the airplane in August 1995.

Reflections of an Ordinary Man” by author Johann Wanner is now available on Amazon in print and eBook formats.

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