February 22, 2024

24 years of dedication on fine chemicals

Driven by our mission, NHU focuses on nutritional products, flavors and fragrances, new materials, and APIs.

Leveraging the power of chemistry, NHU strives to create a better life for mankind.

Fostering a quality life through nutrition and health

With the primary goal of “providing adequate nutritional support for human health”, NHU promotes innovation on synthesis processes and biotechnologies to deliver quality nutrients for the well-being of life on earth, providing nutritional solutions in animal feed, food and beverage, nutritional supplements, personal care, and pharmaceuticals.

Creating an enchanting world with fragrances

Uncovering the rules of fragrances of the world, we keep meeting the market demands and consumer preferences, leveraging advantages in synthesis and fermentation technologies.

Driving integrated and serialized industrial chain development, we inspire positive emotions and enhance human health and happiness. 

Boosting modern chemical industry with premium materials

New materials are the cornerstones of strategic emerging industries.

Specialized in the R&D and production of polyphenylene sulfide, high-temperature nylon, and long glass fiber reinforced composites, NHU empowers customers to drive automotive light weighting, electronics miniaturization, smart homes, and eco-friendliness, delivering solutions for a greener, more efficient, and faster lifestyle.

Protecting life and health with premium-quality APIs

Drawing on expertise in fine chemical business, NHU concentrates on pharmaceutical intermediates.

Delivering high quality API intermediates and specialized services to preparation companies,

NHU safeguards human health in areas of anti-systemic infection, anti-virus, eugenics, immune enhancement, aging delay, pain relief, and anti-inflammation, among others.

Promoting scientific and technological independence and progress through innovation and creativity

NHU strives to explore the boundless scientific and technological frontiers, breaking through dozens of technological barriers.

We have won 2 second prizes of National Award for Technological Inventions and 3 first prizes of Zhejiang Provincial Award for Technological Inventions, owned 572 patents in force and 2 Outstanding Patented Inventions, and played an active role in developing 30 national standards, 10 industry standards, and 28 group standards.

Enhancing shareholder value through management in good faith

NHU stays committed to honest and compliant operations and prioritizes shareholders’ rights and interests by generating lasting value to investors with an accumulated dividends of 11.969 billion yuan.

We were recognized as one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Listed Companies on China’s SME Board, recipient of the Tianma Award for Investor Relations in China’s Listed Companies for five consecutive years, and honored with the Top 30 Best Internal Control Award for Listed Companies in Zhejiang for six consecutive years.

Empowering smart operation through digital intelligence

Pursuing global excellence in fine chemical manufacturing, NHU implements a dual intelligent system for operation and factories, integrating the data chain across production, supply, research, and finance.

Driving value chain transformation and management enhancement, NHU forges new edges in industrial transformation.

Embracing social responsibility for the greater good

Dedicated to the corporate purpose of Creating Wealth, Elevating employees, and Benefiting Society, NHU well balances commercial and social values by actively engaging in charitable initiatives in poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and education donations, advocating for the balanced development of individuals, society, and the environment. 

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The post Remaining Committed to the Initial Aspiration, Advancing Steadfastly | Honoring NHU’s 19th anniversary of Listing first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

Remaining Committed to the Initial Aspiration, Advancing Steadfastly | Honoring NHU’s 19th anniversary of Listing first appeared on Web and IT News.

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