June 14, 2024
Released: A Combo of Creative Biolabs Antibody Solutions 3
Creative Biolabs published upgrades to its capabilities in antibody discovery, engineering, and analysis.

New York, USA – April 24, 2023 – The immense zeal for utilizing antibodies as weapons against cancer and rising infections never wanes, even with so many novel forces like PROTAC and gene therapy joining the game nowadays. Creative Biolabs, one of the CROs bending its efforts toward antibody discovery ever since a start-up, released updates to its antibody solutions in the second season of 2023, taking the chance to provide an overview of its services to global customers.


Released: A Combo of Creative Biolabs Antibody Solutions 4

One chapter concerns the most eye-catching topics-viral and bacterial issues represented by SARS-CoV-2 infection and antibiotic abuse. Creative Biolabs introduces antibody/peptide discovery for bacterial disease.

“Utilizing the high-throughput AntInfect™ platform, we’re able to develop monoclonal antibodies and anti-microbial peptides against broad-spectrum targets like viruses, parasites, and bacteria, even multi-drug resistant bacteria,” according to a specialist working in the antibody sector at Creative Biolabs.

Beyond conventional IgG antibody development, Creative Biolabs’ capabilities extend to non-IgG types, which present multiple advantages in tumor therapeutics owing to their size, structure, charge, and glycosylation. With the innovative antibody GlycoOpitimize platform and versatile expression systems, Creative Biolabs opens the gateway to non-IgG antibody production and purification to discover challenging targets like IgA, IgM, IgE, and IgY.

“We’ve got diverse expression cell lines, such as Chinese hamster ovary cell lines, plants, myeloma cells, insect cells, and monkey-derived COS cells,” noted the specialist, “and for purification, we adopt chromatography approaches such as affinity chromatography, exchange chromatography, and ligand peptide-chromatography, and for the relatively challenging IgM purification, we conduct 3-step strategy (CHT/AIX/CIX), 2-step strategy (PEG/AIX), SXC, and capture select.”

Not only manipulating antibodies for therapeutic usages, Creative Biolabs also provides antibody solutions associated with diverse disease diagnosis, such as natural autoantibodies.

“Natural autoantibodies are means by which the status of the immune system is reflected and are representative biomarkers for disease diagnostics and therapeutics,” said the specialist. “To this end, we designed a natural autoantibody detection panel, integrating western blot, ELISA, immunofluorescent staining, immunosensors, and antigen arrays to conduct accurate antibody detection and thereby facilitate disease diagnosis purposes.”


Keeping faith in continuous innovation, Creative Biolabs has won its position in the industry and is stretching its service scope into more frontier fields, including AI-based antibody solutions. At the forthcoming PEGS Summit, a team of scientists will show up and present its capabilities in antibody R&D.

Visit https://www.creative-biolabs.com to learn more.


Creative Biolabs is a CRO serving global customers working on disease research and therapy development. In May and June, Creative Biolabs will be exhibiting at the PEGS Summit and the 2023 BIO International Convention-two grand affairs concerning innovations and breakthroughs in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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