July 11, 2024

You may have heard about more people getting smart lock on their doors. You may be asking the reasons why you should upgrade your lock to this new technology. When you want to feel safer and more protected, you should seriously consider getting this smart lock. But before you do, read this list of the reasons why you should get a smart lock for your home. 

Big Reasons To Get a Smart Lock 

You can lock and unlock your door using your phone

You will never have to go through the windows ever again when you have a

smart lock installed on your door. With the latest smart lock, you will be able to control your lock through your phone security app. You can quickly access your door by using the Bluetooth feature and opening the door with a few clicks of a button. 

You can still access it using a physical key 

If you are scared of any malfunctions that will be caused by using technology as the lock of your door, you should not worry. The smart lock is still accessible using a physical key that comes with the unit. You should not be afraid in case technology fails because you have your key with you. You can still enter the house the normal way- by turning the key through the keyhole present on the smart lock.

You can unlock the door using a password 

Even if you forget your key inside the house and you did not bring your smartphone with you, you can still open the door of the house through the password that you set. Once you memorized your smart door password, you will not be locked anymore from your own house because you always have access to your door through the smart lock password. 

You can unlock the door through the Voice Assistant feature

Another way to access the door is through the Voice Assistant Feature. You can call Alexa and open the door for you. It is as easy as that. You just need to send a command for the door to be opened and you can go in. 

Your smart lock is made of drill-proof steel 

If you think that burglars can easily access your door by breaking your smart lock, you need to think again. High-quality smart locks that are available in the market are made of drill-proof steel. This means that the combination of stainless steel and zinc alloy will prevent anyone from damaging the materials of the smart lock. 


Your smart lock is equipped with a large battery 

You do not have to worry about the length of the battery life of these smart locks. Eufy smart locks, for example, have up to 10000 mAh battery capacities. This means that you do not have to charge your smart lock for months.When the time comes when your smart lock is drained, you only need to remove the battery, change them, or power it directly using a micro USB port. You do not need to hire a professional to fix it. You just have to follow the simple instructions on replacing the battery and you will have your smart lock up and running.

Reasons To Get a Smart Lock 6


When you have a smart lock on your door, you are not just changing locks. You are actually upgrading your current locks and enhancing the level of security that you have in your home. You are preventing burglars or thieves from entering your house. And your home will only be accessible to those who know the combination of numbers to your door key. Furthermore, you can see the people by the door through the app that goes alongside your smart lock.

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