July 23, 2024

Keep your sales and accounting teams on the same page with a QuickBooks CRM tool that integrates with Salesforce. You’ll save time and money by eliminating double data entry and maintaining a centralized customer database.

Workato is a top-tier integration solution that offers quick and easy integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks. It uses pre-built recipe flows to synchronize data between the two platforms.

Set Up and Configure the Salesforce Account

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, sales and marketing professional, or accounting professional, a CRM platform can be the perfect solution to streamline your customer service and boost revenue. However, integrating QuickBooks with your CRM can take time and effort.


The integration allows you to manage your customer data in a single place without double data entry. Moreover, it helps you to automate your tasks and provide better customer service.

The QuickBooks CRM integration makes sharing information across departments and teams easy, enabling you to nurture prospects from lead to sale with accurate and personalized data. It also provides an overview of financial data for each contact, which helps assess sales performance and plan for the future. The tool integrates with QuickBooks Online to manage invoices and monitor payments.

Install the QuickBooks Connector

A CRM with QuickBooks integration streamlines sales activities by synchronizing contact information, inventory items, quotes, and sales orders. It can also automate tasks and enable powerful email marketing automation capabilities.

To install the Connector, open a QBD company file and sign in as admin (in single-user mode). You will then see a popup from QuickBooks asking you for permission to run the Connector. Choose Yes whenever this QuickBooks company file is open to give the Connector access.

If you use the Connector to synchronize time and expenses with ClickTime, set up the correct week start date for your organization in QBD and ClickTime. This ensures that all time entries move through correctly and eliminates duplicate transactions in QuickBooks.

Map QuickBooks Data to Salesforce

QuickBooks is one of small and medium businesses’ most popular accounting systems. It helps them keep track of financial activities, manage customer data, and generate reports to improve sales and business growth.

You can automatically synchronize data between the two platforms, including orders and customers, using the Salesforce QuickBooks integration. This will help you streamline the sales management process and avoid duplicate entries in both platforms, saving time and reducing errors.


There are a few different ways to integrate Salesforce and QuickBooks. The best option is a middle-tier solution like AppSharks, which provides a secure and reliable integration platform. The company’s software uses a custom template and field mapping to accurately transfer all the critical data fields between the two platforms.

Prepare Your Settings

QuickBooks is a robust accounting tool that stores all financial and accounting client data, including contact details, purchase history, and invoices. But on its own, you need more than this data to build relationships, generate repeat business, or expand your operations.

CRM for QuickBooks integration enables you to leverage this valuable information for more efficient customer service, sales, and marketing processes. For instance, you can use it to automate tasks like sending estimates and follow-up emails or to make decisions based on data metrics.

In addition, a complete profile of each customer is easily accessible so that any employee can quickly answer questions about your company’s services or products. This will improve customer satisfaction and generate more referral business for your organization. A well-implemented CRM for QuickBooks integration is critical in achieving this goal.

Configure the Integration Settings

If you are looking for a CRM that integrates with QuickBooks, look for one with an easy setup process and reliable customer care. Capsule, for instance, offers a simple user interface and a robust set of features that include auto-import from QuickBooks, analytics, and reports, an in-built sales inbox, an affordable pricing plan, and a VOIP app called SmartDialer that helps you reach out to leads faster.

Another feature you should look for is a tool that allows you to link your CRM with accounting systems so that whenever you change a customer record in one system, it will automatically reflect in the other. This will reduce duplicate data entry and help your team save time. It will also ensure that every sales team member uses the same information to answer customer queries.

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