May 17, 2024

Predactiv, setting the standard at the intersection of data and technology, begins offering its next-generation platform empowering clients to harness the true value of data and activate audiences and insights across the entire digital ecosystem. Predactiv’s innovative technology allows clients to integrate and enrich their datasets with Predactiv data, or any other data source, and transform the combined dataset into useful, actionable results.

The Predactiv platform emerged from the success of ShareThis, a leading data and programmatic advertising provider, recognized for engineering expertise and pioneering the use of AI in audience and insight creation. The same platform that has created the trusted and proprietary ShareThis audience segments can now be leveraged by any data owner to create and activate their unique data strategies. ShareThis audiences will continue to be accessible to our valued clients, as ShareThis continues as a Predactiv brand, still offering industry-leading publisher solutions and tools.


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Predactiv is for everyone that wants more, for less. More data, more technology, more performance. Less infrastructure and less engineering resource requirements. Our platform specializes in receiving client data, expanding with additional sources, then refining and updating to become the preeminent source for business value.

The Predactiv platform leverages AI and data science to ensure that data value is maximized. By enriching and processing datasets through our platform, Predactiv can identify predictive signals, creating a much richer, more accurate view of consumer behaviors. Ultimately, the Predactiv platform significantly improves clients’ core data assets for better performance.

“Predactiv is the culmination of our AI driven innovation in data engineering over the last five years,” says Dana C. Hayes, Jr., Predactiv CEO. “Our proprietary platform enables Predactiv to combine and transform data assets, interpret online and offline signals, and apply expertise in the form of AI and decision science, to be able to harness and activate the true value in data at massive scale. Building on our proven expertise, we’re helping organizations make the most of their investment in data by making data work smarter to drive business results.”


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Predactiv is also a leader in privacy and compliance. Our data collection, management and technology processes, as well as all of our data products and solutions, continue to set industry standards for privacy and compliance. For example, Predactiv has navigated cookie deprecation by innovating new privacy-centric contextual targeting solutions that do not rely on user identity. Predactiv’s data platform and products enable compliance at scale and precision for the next AI-driven frontier.

Hayes added, “We’re at an inflection point. AI has already begun to supercharge the possibilities for digital data. Predactiv is uniquely positioned to help brands, agencies, and partners take advantage of today’s emerging Gen AI-driven technologies and create innovative data solutions for tomorrow.”

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