May 19, 2024
Power GaN Devices Market By Device Type (Integrated Power Devices, Discrete Power Devices), By Voltage (Below 200V, 200-600V, Above 600V), By End-Use (IT & Telecommunication, Automotive, Semiconductor & Electronics, Industrial, Aerospace &Defense, Others) – Growth, Share, Opportunities & Competitive Analysis, 2024 – 2032

The market for power GaN devices is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 41.5% during the forecast period of 2024 and 2032, propelled by a variety of sector-specific drivers. The ever-changing competitive environment, characterized by both well-established firms and newcomers, underscores the sector’s dedication to technological progress. Although obstacles persist, specifically in the realm of industrial integration, continuous endeavors, and partnerships strive to surmount these barriers. The market is balanced and resilient because distinct market segments are in the lead in terms of revenue and CAGR, as highlighted by the market segmentation. The geographical patterns serve to emphasize the worldwide scope of the power GaN devices industry, where Asia-Pacific displays the most substantial potential for expansion. With the progression of the industry, it is anticipated that ongoing innovation and strategic alliances will continue to influence the future, establishing Power GaN technology as an indispensable element in a multitude of applications spanning multiple sectors.


Key Market Drivers

The IT & Telecommunications industry emerges as a significant competitor in the power GaN devices market, with revenue and CAGR expanding at a rapid rate. Significantly contributing to the success of the market has been the increase in demand for high-performance devices, which has been propelled by the rapid expansion of data centers and the widespread adoption of 5G technology. Prominent organizations including Infineon Technologies have formed strategic alliances with IT and telecommunication providers to provide state-of-the-art Power GaN solutions that guarantee dependable and effective operation. Sector-specific factors such as the anticipated surge in data traffic and the demand for energy-efficient devices position it as a critical catalyst for the power GaN devices market.

The innovation drive of the automotive sector is of paramount importance in the advancement of the power GaN devices market. The growing incorporation of sophisticated electronics and electric vehicles has generated an increased need for high-performance and energy-efficient devices. This trend has been exploited by corporations such as Texas Instruments, which have developed Power GaN solutions specifically designed for automotive purposes. The automotive industry not only makes a substantial contribution to the overall revenue of the market but also demonstrates a solid compound annual growth rate (CAGR), which signifies long-term expansion. The cooperative efforts between manufacturers of Power GaN devices and automotive companies to improve the functionalities of electric vehicles serve to fortify the optimistic perspective regarding this particular market sector.

The Aerospace & Defence industry assumes a significant role in propelling the power GaN devices market forward, as evidenced by its considerable revenue and rapid CAGR. The demand for Power GaN technology is fueled by the expanding utilization of electronic warfare systems, radar applications, and communication devices that possess improved functionalities. Prominent companies such as STMicroelectronics have strategically positioned themselves to offer dependable and effective Power GaN solutions tailored to the Aerospace & Defence sector. The continuous modernization of defense systems and the industry’s dedication to technological progress are factors that support the enduring expansion of power GaN devices.

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Market Restraint

Notwithstanding the encouraging expansion, a significant impediment in the market for power GaN devices is the difficulty entailed in integrating these sophisticated devices into industrial applications. The industrial sector, which includes manufacturing, energy, and utilities, encounters challenges when it comes to the smooth integration of Power GaN technology. Compatibility, adaptation, and integration process-related obstacles impede widespread adoption. Although attempts are being made to tackle these obstacles, the industrial sector poses a significant obstacle due to its obvious complexities.

Market Segmentation Analysis

Market By Device Type: The Market Is Dominated by Discrete Power Devices

The market segmentation of power GaN devices according to device type unveils a complex terrain in which Discrete Power Devices and Integrated Power Devices occupy unique positions. Discrete Power Devices surpassed all competitors in 2023 concerning revenue, demonstrating their pervasiveness in sectors that demand specialized power solutions. These devices gained considerable popularity in industries that required customized power solutions to meet specific operational needs. On the contrary, it was observed that Integrated Power Devices demonstrated the most substantial Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) throughout the projected timeframe spanning from 2024 to 2032. The increasing value of Integrated Power Devices signifies a developing inclination towards integrated solutions, in which compact and multifunctional devices are progressively indispensable for optimizing processes in diverse sectors.

Market by Voltage: Devices Operating Above 600V Predominate


The voltage-based market segmentation—Below 200V, 200-600V, and Above 600V—reveals compelling demand and expansion patterns. Revenue was dominated by devices operating at voltages greater than 600V in 2023, reflecting their prevalence in high-power applications like industrial apparatus and electric vehicles. In contrast, the CAGR for devices operating below 200V was the highest throughout the forecast, reflecting an industry-wide increase in demand for low-voltage solutions. The wide-ranging utility of Power GaN technology is demonstrated by the concurrent expansion of various voltage categories, which serve a multitude of industries’ power needs, from consumer electronics to industrial machinery.

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End-User Market: The Automotive Industry is the Market Leader

The end-user segmentation illustrates the wide range of industries in which Power GaN devices are adopted. The automotive industry surpassed all others in terms of revenue and CAGR in 2023, indicating its crucial contribution to the market’s progression. The industry’s preeminence was substantially influenced by the demand for energy-efficient components in electric vehicles and sophisticated electronic systems in automobiles. The IT and Telecommunications industry, which was also a major participant, demonstrated strong expansion in terms of revenue and compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The ongoing proliferation of data centers, in conjunction with the shift towards 5G technology, significantly stimulated the need for power gaN devices with exceptional performance. Significant growth was also observed in the aerospace &defense, semiconductor & electronics, and industrial sectors, all of which were propelled by distinct application demands and highlighted the versatility of Power GaN technology across numerous industries.

Competition To Intensify Throughout the Forecast Period

Prominent entities operating within the power GaN devices industry, such as Infineon Technologies, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, Inc., Fujitsu limited, GaN Power Inc., GaN Systems, Navitas Semiconductor, NexGen Power Systems, On Semiconductors, Panasonic Corporation, Power Integrations, Inc., Rohm Co., Ltd., Soitec, Transphorm Inc., and VisIC Technologies, utilize strategic alliances and collaborations as means to augment their market share and effectively integrate new technologies. These firms established themselves as market leaders based on their revenues in 2023. Their projected performance from 2024 to 2032 suggests that they will maintain growth by employing innovative strategies. For example, Infineon Technologies has forged strategic partnerships with prominent IT and telecommunication providers to facilitate the smooth incorporation of Power GaN technology into essential infrastructure.

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