July 15, 2024

In trading, penny stocks always tend to captivate investors with their potential for rapid growth. Today’s mid-week market saw a flurry of activity, with several penny stocks catching the attention of traders. These low-priced securities, known for their volatile nature, showcased noteworthy movements, leaving investors eager to uncover hidden gems amidst the excitement.

From promising startups to potential turnarounds, these four stocks provide a glimpse into the dynamic world of penny stocks and the opportunities they can present to investors that take notice.

Canopus Biopharma Inc. (OTC:CBIA)

CBIA, now operating as Blue Heaven Coffee Inc., traded well through the morning of Wednesday and was up 11.49%, capturing the attention of investors. With recent corporate updates and a strategic rebranding, CBIA presents compelling prospects for those seeking potential winners in the penny stock market.


Having successfully completed a reverse takeover and change of ownership, CBIA has positioned itself as an attractive option in the retail investment landscape. The state of Nevada approved the company’s new name, Blue Heaven Coffee, which took effect on April 21, 2023. The ongoing process of changing its trading symbol with OTC Markets reflects CBIA’s commitment to enhancing its market visibility.

CBIA’s financial performance further adds to its appeal for retail investors. With a track record of over five years, the company has generated positive revenue and currently boasts more than $2 million worth of deployed assets. Secure government contracts strengthen this firm financial base, enhancing CBIA’s stability and potential for expansion.

Leveraging a unified platform, CBIA offers state-of-the-art programmatic advertising revenue solutions in a user-friendly manner. This allows clients to tap into the highly lucrative programmatic marketing revenue stream, creating a win-win situation for both the company and its investors.

CBIA’s growth strategy focuses on expanding its retail network throughout North America. The company plans to offer a wide range of unattended and attended retail solutions, including touchless vending services, smart kitchens, micromarkets, café kiosks, digital water coolers, and workplace coffee services. This aligns with the growing trend of unattended retail, which has gained significant momentum due to the rising popularity of automated systems and self-service kiosks.

Moreover, CBIA’s commitment to innovation extends to its emphasis on programmatic advertising. This data-driven approach enables advertisers to target their desired audience with precision and efficiency, leveraging real-time bidding, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

CBIA stands out as a compelling penny stock opportunity for retail investors. With its successful rebranding, strong financial foundation, and focus on tailored profit-driven solutions, CBIA’s future is looking bright. By capitalizing on the vast potential of programmatic advertising revenue and its expanding retail network, CBIA presents a promising investment opportunity in the dynamic penny stock market. Keep an eye out for future updates from the company.

Asia Broadband Inc. (OTC: AABB)

AABB is making significant strides in its operations, combining its focus on producing and selling precious and base metals with its foray into the digital asset space. As of noon on June 21, Asia Broadband’s ordinary shares (AABB) were trading at $0.030 USD, with an increase of 2.05% over the past 5 days. Let’s delve into the recent news that sheds light on the company’s progress.

AABB announced that it has received the initial deliveries of processing equipment and the majority of the laboratory mineral analysis equipment for its new facility site in Etzatlan, Mexico. This development follows the company’s productive meetings and facility tours with mining processing manufacturers in China. During these visits, Asia Broadband verified and secured shipments and deliveries of additional processing equipment for the new plant.

The construction of the new processing facility is being expedited, with a target completion timeline set for the third quarter of 2023. Furthermore, the facility’s expanded processing capability will be implemented after the initial production levels are established, allowing for efficient revenue generation.

With the land purchase completed in December 2022, AABB has secured a significant stockpile of gold and silver ore in Las Jimenez, Etzatlan, Jalisco, Mexico. This stockpile, estimated to represent over $800 million in total value, aligns with the company’s expansion initiative to acquire gold production and increase its physical gold holdings.

The new processing plant, situated approximately 5.8 miles from the ore stockpile, is budgeted at $3 million and initially planned to have a 200-ton-per-day (tpd) processing capacity. At this level, the mill is projected to generate over $11 million in annual revenue. Furthermore, Asia Broadband intends to install a mill expansion to increase the processing capacity to 1,000 tpd once the initial processing level is consistently at capacity.

Chris Torres, AABB President and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the progress made, stating, “We are really excited to continue to be on track with our new facility installation timeline and really look forward to beginning ore processing this year.”

As Asia Broadband Inc. (AABB) receives the initial deliveries of processing equipment and advances toward the completion of its new facility, investors should closely monitor its progress and potential for further growth in the precious metals and digital asset sectors.

Resonate Blends Inc. (OTC: KOAN)

KOAN is making waves in the world of penny stocks, demonstrating remarkable growth potential through recent news and an impressive trading performance. As we continue to explore potential penny stock winners, let’s dive into Resonate Blends’ exciting developments and its impact on the market.


KOAN caught the attention of investors yesterday, with its stock price surging by 23.53% by noon. This upward momentum highlights growing confidence in the company’s prospects and sets the stage for potential gains.

The recent news that has propelled Resonate Blends’ stock is its strategic acquisition of Pegasus Specialty Vehicles, LLC. By venturing into the low-emission and zero-emission electric vehicle (EV) sector, Resonate Blends is positioning itself at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. Pegasus, renowned for its innovative EVs and emerging hydrogen fuel cell technology, has established a strong network of distributors across multiple regions, including the U.S., Canada, Micronesia, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean.

This decision was made at a time when the clean energy sector is rapidly expanding, supported by strong government backing and rising environmental awareness. Resonate Blends’ entry into this promising sector reflects its forward-thinking approach and strategic vision.

With strategic partnerships in place, including collaborations with industry leaders such as Peterbilt, Zeus Electric Chassis, Hyperion Motors, and Via Motors, Resonate Blends is well-positioned to tap into the growing demand for EVs and hydrogen fuel cell technology. Furthermore, the recent announcement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of a $5 billion Clean School Bus Program underscores the market potential and favorable industry landscape.

Investors seeking potential penny stock winners should closely monitor KOAN as it continues to leverage its recent acquisition, capitalize on emerging opportunities in the clean energy sector, and drive value for its shareholders.

Impact Fusion Brands (OTC: IFUS)

As retail investors seek out potential winners in the penny stock market, IFUS emerges as a company worth considering. Operating in the “Health and Wellness” sector, IFUS is capturing attention with its innovative products and proprietary technology. With a focus on the needs of both animals and humans, IFUS presents an intriguing opportunity for retail investors.

IFUS has been making waves with its flagship product, Nutri-Mastic, which revolutionizes the agricultural industry. This groundbreaking product enhances nutrient absorption and provides essential vitamins and minerals for beef and dairy cattle, as well as horses. Additionally, IFUS has developed Supreme Gold Plus (SGP+), an alternative supplement derived from bagasse, an underutilized organic material. SGP+ offers a natural and organic solution to enhance livestock nutrition.

Despite a lack of news releases since April, IFUS has been actively traded, and its stock performance over the past five days reflects investor enthusiasm. With a 45.73% increase during this period, reaching a value of $0.029 per share, IFUS has caught the attention of market participants. It’s important to consider the potential factors driving this recent surge and evaluate whether it signifies a broader market sentiment regarding the company’s prospects.

While IFUS’s recent news activity has been limited, the company’s manufacturing operations have been in full swing. A state-of-the-art plant in Louisiana has obtained the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate, indicating its readiness to bring IFUS’s products to market. The highly anticipated Intact Nutrition product line, featuring Nutri-Mastic and SGP+, is scheduled for launch in the coming weeks, adding further anticipation and potential catalysts for the stock’s performance.

Looking forward, IFUS aims to establish additional manufacturing plants to meet the growing demand for their products. With the Intact product line gaining momentum, IFUS plans to expand its market reach nationally and internationally. The company’s commitment to continuous improvement and delivering high-quality products positions IFUS as an intriguing contender in the health and wellness sector.



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