July 25, 2024

Multi-year Innovation Program Designed to Maximize Value and Outcomes for XT Automated Dispensing System

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Omnicell, Inc. (Nasdaq:OMCL) (“Omnicell” or the “Company”), a leader in transforming the pharmacy care delivery model, today announced XT Amplify, a multi-year innovation program that is intended to maximize value for hospitals, health systems, and post-acute care facilities that have invested in Omnicell’s XT Automated Dispensing System while also seeking to drive enhanced clinical and operational outcomes at the points of care and within pharmacies.

“We recognize that some of our customers are navigating difficult operational and economic environments. We believe Omnicell is nicely positioned to address these current challenges while adapting for the future,” said Randall Lipps, chairman, president, chief executive officer, and founder of Omnicell. “We are confident the XT Amplify program will deliver continuous innovation that addresses these evolving and complex needs, while helping customers to maximize outcomes and the value of Omnicell automated dispensing systems currently in use around the globe.”


The solutions within the multi-year XT Amplify program are intended to enhance nursing efficiency, reduce medication errors and waste, and, ultimately, help health systems achieve the aspirational outcomes outlined in the industry-defined vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy. The first set of solutions that will be available in North America include:

XTExtend: This comprehensive console swap is intended to provide a high level of security while enhancing the user experience. Designed to be backward compatible, the console aims to strengthen interoperability within the healthcare facility, while maximizing value of current technology.

MedChill: Intended to improve the safety and security of individual, temperature-controlled medications, this secure device for compatible refrigeration supports item-level inventory visibility that is designed to maximize expiration dates to reduce waste and stockouts at the points of care and within pharmacies.

SupplyXpert: This inventory management software is designed to manage medical supplies housed within the XT Supply cabinet and open-shelf locations, providing insights into stockout events, stock value, key performance indicators, and optimization recommendations. This should extend the benefits of existing equipment while helping customers manage the increasing costs of medical supplies.

ServerScale: The on-premises OmniCenter virtual server solution is now available in a subscription format, that is intended to allow customers to stay current with the latest operating systems in an effort to ensure infrastructure readiness today, while providing a foundation for the evolving and expanding health system.

CarePlus: Omnicell’s market-leading automation solutions are now supported by expert services that are designed to improve solution adoption and provide data-driven performance optimization information that is expected to enhance nursing and pharmacy efficiency.

XT Amplify is intended to enable all healthcare facilities, regardless of where they are in their adoption and utilization of Omnicell’s XT Automated Dispensing System, to solve important challenges today and into the future.

“We recognize the value of technology-driven medication management. But installing a new infrastructure and the change management that comes with that can be very challenging,” said Jennifer Hillman, PharmD, executive director of Pharmacy at San Antonio-based University Health. “XT Amplify provides us a path to implement innovative new solutions while maximizing the value of our existing technology investments.”

XT Amplify is designed to support healthcare facilities as they advance toward the industry-defined vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy that seeks to replace manual, error-prone activities with automated processes that are intended to be safer and more efficient. To learn more, visit omnicell.com/XTAmplify.

About Omnicell


Since 1992, Omnicell has been committed to transforming pharmacy care through outcomes-centric innovation designed to optimize clinical and business outcomes across all settings of care. Through a comprehensive portfolio of robotics, smart devices, intelligent software, and expert services, Omnicell solutions are helping healthcare facilities worldwide to reduce costs, improve labor efficiency, establish new revenue streams, enhance supply chain control, support compliance, and move closer to the industry vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy. To learn more, visit omnicell.com.

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