July 15, 2024

LAKE FOREST, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Many organizations realize that the approach of traditional cloud providers is not sustainable for their businesses. The ever-expanding costs, growing security concerns and inability to access necessary cloud resources in a timely manner are pain points suffered by many users of traditional cloud vendors. NZO Cloud (www.nzocloud.com) offers a unique approach focusing on giving control back to cloud users.

Alex Lesser, Vice President of NZO Cloud, explains, “We are constantly having conversations with companies that feel helplessly trapped by their cloud providers,” begins Mr. Lesser. “Traditional cloud vendors often fall short when it comes to meeting the unique demands of individual businesses. They are concerned primarily with sucking out as much money as possible from these business without any real regard for project success. Our analysis is that nearly 50% of cloud project fail primarily due to cost overruns. At NZO Cloud, we give our users the control they need to ensure their success. Our fixed cost subscription pricing, immediate access to dedicated compute and storage resources and security controls not available with any other cloud providers set us apart and give our users a strategic advantage.”


As organizations increasingly seek cost effective, high performance, customizable cloud solutions, NZO Cloud emerges as a beacon of innovation. NZO Cloud specializes in AI, higher education, weather modeling, engineering, and life sciences. “Rather than take the approach of traditional cloud vendors, we actually want to work with cloud users to develop the right solution to fit specific application needs and budget,” explains Mr. Lesser. Included with each NZO Cloud is a full suite of development tools and onboarding and security engineer. Mr. Lesser continues, “Our only objective is to ensure our cloud users success.” Based on their clients testimonials, NZO Cloud is meeting those objectives. “NZO Cloud is an outstanding end to end comprehensive solution for high performance computing requirements to include procurement, hosting, and service,” Chris Arends, Meteorology Program Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric.

With a vision to redefine the cloud computing landscape, NZO Cloud invites organizations to explore a new era of possibilities. By choosing NZO Cloud, organizations gain a strategic partner committed to propelling them forward to success. NZO Cloud is offering a free trial for users. Click here to begin https://nzocloud.com/start-free-trial/. For more information about NZO Cloud and its groundbreaking cloud solutions, visit https://nzocloud.com

About NZO Cloud:

Your cloud experience is intricately shaped by cost, security, performance, and design considerations. NZO empowers you to control them all. With a commitment to giving cloud users control and a focus on HPC and AI, NZO Cloud is poised to reshape the future of cloud computing. NZO Cloud is offering a free trial for users. Click here to begin https://nzocloud.com/start-free-trial/



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