September 22, 2023
NUKE THEM ALL: Indie Real-Time Strategy Game, Coming Soon Q1 2024 9

“NUKE THEM ALL” – An indie RTS game with fast-paced action, strategic battles, and nuclear warfare. Q1 2024 release. Wishlist now!

NUKE THEM ALL: Indie Real-Time Strategy Game, Coming Soon Q1 2024 10

Papa Mike, in collaboration with GameDevWithAI, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of NUKE THEM ALL, an old-school sci-fi Indie real-time strategy game that breathes new life into the genre. This highly anticipated game will be available in Q1 2024, offering players a fresh and exciting twist on classic real-time strategy gameplay.

NUKE THEM ALL transports players into a fast-paced, action-packed world where time is of the essence. Commanders must strategically capture flags, conquer territories, and eliminate enemy forts to secure victory. With its unique twist, NUKE THEM ALL allows players to unleash devastating nuclear attacks on their adversaries, ensuring that chaos reigns supreme.

Inspired by beloved RTS classics of the ’90s such as Company of Heroes, Z, KKND, and Command & Conquer, NUKE THEM ALL combines thrilling battles and strategic gameplay without the burden of tedious base-building and resource collection. Prepare for non-stop chaos and thrilling random luck events that can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

Key Features of NUKE THEM ALL:

  1. Flags Mean Victory: Time is your most valuable resource. Capture flags to conquer territories and decrease production time. The more flags secured, the faster you can produce robots and tanks to crush your enemies.
  2. Defend Your Fort: Strategically position fortified artillery to protect your perimeter. Safeguard remote territories with expandable mobile artillery and upgrade your factories to gain access to advanced units.
  3. Humor-Packed Voiceover: Enjoy a delightful voiceover experience filled with puns, dad jokes, movie references, and real-time situation tips, delivering a nostalgic touch to the game.
  4. Clean and Eye-Catching 2D Graphics: Immerse yourself in the battle with clean, concentrated visuals. Say goodbye to cluttered GUI menus and health bars. Experience outstanding particle effects and handcrafted explosions.
  5. Challenging Gameplay: Engage in massive battles across expansive maps. Face the relentless AI of the blue robot team, launching waves of enemy tanks from all sides. Prepare for a heart-pounding challenge.
  6. Day and Night Change: Beware of the nightfall and the lurking zombies. Each night, undead creatures emerge, threatening to overrun your territories. Protect your robot soldiers and eliminate graveyards to halt the menace.
  7. The Ultimate Weapon – The Nuke: Seize control of the nuclear silo and rain down destruction on your enemies. Be mindful, as enemies can react and shoot down the unexploded bomb. Plan your attacks carefully and strike when least expected.

To accompany the announcement, NUKE THEM ALL has provided a media kit for journalists and content creators, which can be accessed by clicking here.

NUKE THEM ALL is currently available for wishlist on Steam. For more information about the game, please visit the official website, subscribe to the YouTube channel, join the Discord community. You can also stream the wishlist.

About Papa Mike / GameDevWithAI:

NUKE THEM ALL is the brainchild of Papa Mike, a devoted fan of real-time strategy games, who collaborated with GameDevWithAI to bring this project to life. With a passion for nostalgia and a desire to revitalize the genre, Papa Mike and his team have crafted a game that will transport players back to the golden age of RTS while offering fresh and innovative gameplay experiences.

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Contact Person: Mike Zevelt
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Country: Portugal

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