July 23, 2024

The presence of artificial intelligence has made waves in the novel-writing community. AI has the potential to be very helpful for writers who need some help spurring creativity without sacrificing quality. We’ll review how you as a writer can use the full capabilities of AI when writing your novel.

Getting Feedback From AI

One challenge many writers face is getting good feedback. Asking a reader, family members, or another author to read your book and provide feedback is a great idea, but it also takes their time. Of course, others also have some biases and may not understand the vision within your writing.


You can ask AI to critique your writing and compare it to others. Since AI has access to vast troves of information, it can readily provide mostly objective information about your writing. It can also often fulfill this request in minutes or less!

AI’s feelings also won’t be hurt if you don’t take the feedback seriously. If you generally don’t agree with the feedback from AI, you could simply try another prompt and see if the results are different.

AI Isn’t At Loss For Words

Developing the feeling you want readers to have often requires some serious finesse with word usage and style. While a thesaurus can provide good synonyms and antonyms, we might suggest asking AI to find words to describe a scenario or thing. AI is much more flexible, with the ability to simply ask for a word or even ask it to describe a thing and see what it pulls from the Internet.

You’ll get multiple options, too, and you could ask for the use of a word in a sentence or paragraph that you are writing. This is one of the times when an AI-assisted novel writer really comes in handy.

Create Ideas And Backgrounds

A major challenge for many writers is both coming up with an idea that is fresh, then fleshing out the many details surrounding that idea to make a story come to life. Since it’s not possible to read every book on a subject, you can ask AI if a plot similar to your idea exists. You could also explore prompts that may generate a new twist on an idea that you haven’t thought about.

You’ve probably seen many examples of AI writing short creative stories or scripts. These are a good start if you are planning to write a novel with characters based on people with specific styles, and they are fun to read!

AI can also help with background development. If you are struggling to develop a history for a character or place, you can ask for help developing one.

Given that not everyone has the time to follow every trend in the publishing industry, AI can also help keep you up to date with current happenings just by seeking out the news. You can also get highly tailored results with a specific prompt.


AI has the potential to help you develop ideas by creating unique scenarios, which gets over one of many writer’s biggest problems: you don’t know what you don’t know!

Grammar Checks

One part of editing your own novel is going through everything with a fine-toothed comb and noting any little mistakes you made. You could ask AI to seek out any misspellings, misplaced commas, or words that are out of context. This can also save you lots of time re-reading everything or having someone else do it!


To be fair, there really isn’t such a thing as multitasking in most people. We can’t do more than one thing at a time effectively. AI, however, can do it! If you want to issue multiple prompts on different ideas and parts of your book, AI will take it!

Some prompts require a little more research time for AI than others, so organizing your time by writing a few prompts and sending them can streamline your work.


While authors find AI to be a bit intimidating and a potential attack on their livelihood, the software has the potential to be very useful for authors to explore new ideas. We suggest learning prompts about the full capabilities of AI novel writing software and deciding which parts you find the most useful. It’ll seriously unlock your potential by making you a more efficient writer!

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