July 10, 2024

Expanded offering of xAOC to bring Comprehensive, Actionable, and Customizable Coverage Insights without Blind Spots

NIQ is excited to unveil the Full ViewTM – Measurement, an evolution of core capabilities poised to transform the consumer intelligence industry. This expanded offering ensures that retailers, manufacturers, and the financial services community can access data. The Full ViewTM – Measurement will provide unmatched coverage, granularity, and accuracy by offering an omnichannel view that marries data across critical online retailers, direct-to-consumer brands, social commerce, quick commerce, and emerging e-commerce platforms. To further complement NIQ’s portfolio, the Full View TM – Measurement will offer an expanded version of xAOC, including account level-details from the U.S.’s largest online marketplace.

“We’ve designed Full View TM – Measurement with our client’s actionability in mind”

With the Full View TM – Measurement, NIQ clients will benefit from a suite of features designed to provide a deep and broad understanding of the market. This advanced solution transcends basic analytics by revealing the intricacies of online and offline markets with unprecedented clarity, all available in client custom or syndicated data hierarchies. This data will empower NIQ clients to make informed decisions with greater confidence by consolidating comprehensive insights into NIQ’s Discover platform, providing unparalleled convenience and eliminating the need for multiple analytical tools.

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“With the Full View TM – Measurement, we are redefining how the CPG industry views and utilizes data,” said Kim Cox, Managing Director of NA E-Commerce with NIQ. “Our unparalleled approach to integrating online and offline insights ensures our clients are always one step ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Our expanded market coverage also uncovers blind spots for our CPG clients. They rely on us to provide comprehensive visibility into retail account performance and granular data, empowering them to make informed decisions for their growth strategies.”

Key benefits of NIQ’s Full View TM – Measurement solution include:

Expanded Coverage for a Comprehensive Market View: NIQ is expanding the horizons of market understanding by integrating new data sources to provide clients with the most actionable omnichannel insights. Today’s expanded xAOC offering ensures that retailers and manufacturers can access a full spectrum analysis of the CPG landscape, capturing nuanced consumer behavior and market trends and setting the stage for future enhancements.

Unmatched Granularity for Competitive Edge: NIQ has built the Full View TM – Measurement with a focus on granularity, not just increased coverage. Clients can delve deeper into retail accounts, categories, brands, and thousands of key product attributes, including size, form, flavor, and sustainability or ingredient profiles. This game-changer hasn’t previously been available alongside sales volume for items on top e-commerce marketplaces. This competitive point of differentiation enables clients to analyze the market with a previously unavailable precision, offering insights down to the most minute details.

Minimize Private Label Blind Spots: Our standout feature surpasses competitors by thoroughly tracking private-label products. Using next-generation data techniques this capability addresses a crucial market blind spot, empowering brands with a comprehensive understanding of private label dynamics down to the item level.

Customization at Your Fingertips: The Full View TM – Measurement goes beyond standard analytics, offering customized hierarchy views that cater to clients’ specific analysis needs and allow them to view the market through the lens that best suits their business strategies.

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Accuracy, Power, and Convenience: The Full View TM – Measurement stands out for its unwavering commitment to accuracy. It empowers clients to make confident decisions based on billions of meticulously collected data points offered through a comprehensive suite of solutions. In addition to its accuracy, The Full View TM – Measurement’s strength lies in its ability to merge what previously necessitated multiple tools into one seamlessly integrated solution. This amalgamation enhances users’ convenience by providing a unified view and delivers powerful insights through intuitive reports, guided workflows, and interconnected data, revolutionizing how businesses access and leverage e-commerce data within Discover.

“We’ve designed Full View TM – Measurement with our client’s actionability in mind,” said Liz Buchanan, President of NIQ North America. “Merging comprehensive insights into a single, intuitive platform means that actionable data is just a few clicks away, eliminating the complexity and clutter of using multiple tools and helping our clients reclaim countless hours they would otherwise spend piecing together data independently. We believe new coverage shouldn’t create new blind spots for our clients.”

This Full View TM of the market with item-level granularity, enriched with NIQ attributes, account-level breakouts, and visibility into private labels, is the first phase of NIQ’s Full View TM – Measurement expansion in 2024. For more information about The Full View TM – Measurement and how it can transform your market analysis capabilities,

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NIQ Announces the Launch of the Full View™ – Measurement, the Next Evolution in CPG Market Insights first appeared on Web and IT News.

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