June 18, 2024

Author John McNicoll is pleased to announce the release of his new book, “Silent Assassin of Your Average Jonny.” This compelling book offers readers an intimate insight into McNicoll’s personal journey, sharing his experiences and challenges with mental health over the years.

In “Silent Assassin of Your Average Jonny,” the author recounts how he felt embarrassed for years about his mental health condition and was reluctant to show it because he perceived it as a weakness. He reflects on a cycle of panic attacks, anxiety, overthinking and a negative mindset.

“This book is about my life facing up to mental health issues that took me completely by surprise. I couldn’t understand where they came from, or why they hit me. As it got worse and worse, it felt like it took complete control of my mind – which is really a horrible and scary situation to be in. My life changed drastically, and if I hadn’t done something about it, I would not be in a position to write this book. But I did do something, and if you’re struggling, you can too,” – John McNicoll.


This book is written in a friendly and easy-to-understand style that makes the content very relatable for readers. “Silent Assassin of Your Average Jonny,” describes ways of picking yourself up and focusing on the most important things in life, which are you and your mental well-being. The tips and strategies described within the 120-page book are practical to enable readers to easily overcome mental health challenges.

At the end of each chapter are summaries of how readers can break free from self-destructive behaviors and get onto a path of recovery that includes mindfulness, meditation, building healthy and productive daily habits, and more.

Early readers are praising the book. One reader described the book as inspirational and thought-provoking. Another described it as an eye opener: “It is really an eye opener for everyone, it gives depth understanding about mental health issues, and how to deal with symptoms or effects associated with mental health problems such as anxiety, overthinking, panic attack, and the dos and don’ts. This self-help book is such a huge help to those who might be suffering with mental health issues but are not aware of the ordeal they’re currently dealing with.”

The compelling narrative of “Silent Assassin of Your Average Jonny” engages readers, offering a valuable means of introspection into mental health issues and promoting a deeper sense of self-awareness. For individuals struggling with mental health complexities, this book offers valuable insights and practical tools for effective management. To obtain a copy, visit the book’s dedicated website or find it on Amazon.


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