June 18, 2024

Auckland, New Zealand – Net Branding Limited, a leading digital marketing agency, is proud to announce its commitment to ensure a more safe and secure online environment. Recognizing the evolving concerns surrounding social media platforms and their addictive nature, Net Branding Limited is taking the necessary steps to provide support and resources through its founder’s established charitable trust, the I’m Enough foundation. 

Led by our visionary CEO and Founder Cathy Mellett, Net Branding Limited has always been at the forefront of innovation within digital marketing and social media platforms. However, in recent years, the business has witnessed first-hand the devastating consequences that excessive social media use can have on young people and communities. Driven by Cathy’s core values of individual empowerment and human well-being, Net Branding Limited has decided to take action in order to better prepare people for the realities of the digital environment. 


Through the I’m Enough Charitable Trust, Net Branding Limited aims to create personal strategies for children and young people in order to face the realities of the digital world. In particular, the Charity will offer a range of go to resources, such as school and professional based programs, tookboxes, talks and webinars, as well as other resources. By focusing on lifting self-esteem and bringing back balance, the I’m Enough Charity seeks to combat the damaging effects of social media body imaging, standards setting and other toxic elements perpetuated by social media platforms. 

“We support technology, we support change and we embrace social media”, says Founder Cathy Mellett. “That said, we also know that something has to be done to counteract the rising prevalence of mental health concern in our communities. I’m Enough focuses on coping strategies shared by our experts in areas of resilience to reduce the impacts of the digital world on anxiety and stress levels”. 

In addition to their philanthropic activities, Net Branding Limited remains committed to helping businesses improve their digital marketing plan. By incorporating ethical social media strategies into their clients digital marketing campaigns, Net Branding Limited aims to facilitate a positive online environment that builds genuine connections, offers ethical SEO and most importantly continues to support and improve mental well-being. 

Cathy Mellett, encourages both individuals and businesses to develop effective coping strategies before entering the dangers of the digital world. Together, we can reshape the conceptions surrounding social media and empower young people to lead happier, healthier lives both online and offline. 

For more information about Net Branding Limited and the Im Enough Charity, please visit https://netbranding.co.nz/ or https://imenough.co/.

About Net Branding Limited:


Net Branding Limited is a well known digital marketing agency specialising in search engine optimisation and social media management. With a team of skilled marketing professionals and a passion for delivering effective content strategies, Net Branding Limited has established itself as a trusted brand for New Zealand and international businesses seeking to maximise their brand recognition and market presence.

About the I’m Enough Charity:

I’m Enough is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping individuals recognise the wide-reaching impact of digital addiction and digital anxiety, its potential causes, and to provide down to earth discussions and strategies that may support an individual. Our sponsors and experts are focused on sharing their experiences, along with trusted techniques and strategies that can help overcome or reduce stress.

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The post Net Branding Limited, a Renowned Digital Marketing Agency, Stands in Solidarity Against the Harmful Impacts of Social Media first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

Net Branding Limited, a Renowned Digital Marketing Agency, Stands in Solidarity Against the Harmful Impacts of Social Media first appeared on Web and IT News.

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