July 23, 2024

Modeling since she was a teenager, Merlyn Z. Mantilla Martinez is a talented woman with years of experience in the fashion industry. She got inspired by the grace and beauty of famous actresses like Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, and Claudia Schiffer, and then her passion for modeling won her the pageantry titles from the Miss US Nation Pageants; her first city title being Ms. Miami US Nation and later advancing to the state pageant and taking home the state crown of Ms. Florida US Nation 2023. Modeling for her isn’t just about posing for the brands; it’s about representing oneself with confidence and poise and setting an example by utilizing your platforms for a good cause.


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She plans to use her titles to grow her modeling career and search for better opportunities. In the next five years, she aspires to become an established entrepreneur in the USA to help others achieve their goals.

Merlyn is very enthusiastic about philanthropy work, and recently; she has supported noble causes. For example, her most recent local cause was raising funds for a child that needed urgent surgery and has been at the Jackson’s hospital for several months https://gofund.me/61149f90. She plans to raise funds to support any humanitarian cause which needs her help. She intends to work with other humanitarian organizations like Shatterproof or American Heart Association, and her ultimate goal is to establish her organization in order to create a positive impact on national and international levels.

Merlyn intends to participate in all the top fashion shows in the US. She has already started to work on her dreams as she took part in the last Super Chic New York Fashion Week Winter 2023 showcase; strutting the runway and as a VIP host. Her goal is to add London, Paris, and Toronto to her international list.

She wants to utilize her platforms to bring awareness about breaking stereotypes associated with the fashion industry. She thinks that pageant girls should not be limited to the title of ‘beauty queens’ having perfect body shapes. She believes they should be considered bright, well-educated, intelligent women who don’t torture their bodies with dieting and food disorders. She wants to shatter this worldwide opinion by breaking the barriers of objectification in the modeling industry.

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“My uniqueness definitely is my life experience. I have had the opportunity to live in 12 countries in the world and have visited more than 35. That not only brought me cultural expansion, it taught me to break patterns and be more open, receptive, to be more flexible and to build acceptance”, says Merlyn.

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