May 17, 2024
A Springtime Celebration of Stories, Healing, and Innovation at Miss Liz’s Teatime.

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada – Miss Liz’s Teatime, the cherished gathering spot renowned for blending the elegance of teatime with enriching conversations, proudly announces its vibrant April lineup of guests. This spring, Miss Liz’s Easter Eggs of goodies will scatter across the land of teas, unveiling a tapestry of stories, wisdom, and laughter that promises to leave a lasting impression on its esteemed audience.

As the buds bloom and the earth reawakens, Miss Liz’s teatime transforms into a sanctuary where transparency, colorful narratives, and the exquisite taste of teas converge to craft an experience unlike any other. Each teatime is a journey through the realms of storytelling and personal insights, with special Easter eggs – moments of brilliance and inspiration – carefully placed by an array of distinguished guests.


Kicking off the month on April 4th, the teatime will commence with the return of Sandi Boucher in the afternoon. A celebrated Indigenous speaker and activist, Boucher is poised to enrich the gathering with Anishinaabe teachings, blending metaphors, stories, and humor to foster a deeper respect for Indigenous cultures. The evening session will welcome Corey Poirier, a revered figure in the world of public speaking, to share his insights on communication and personal development.

April 11th promises an exploration of healing and mental wellness, with Victoria Finch, The Heart Healer, gracing the afternoon session. Her expertise in inner child healing and PTSD release will offer guests profound healing insights. Randi-Lee Bowslaugh, a passionate advocate for mental health, will return in the evening to share her compelling journey and advocate for openness and support in mental health conversations.

The afternoon of April 18th features Christopher Scharra and Paul Damiano, the visionary co-founders of MemoryGram Legacy Book, introducing innovative ways to preserve cherished memories in the digital age. Marcie Macari, a resilience coach, will enlighten the evening session with strategies for bouncing back from life’s challenges.

On April 25th, the month concludes with Dr. George Ackerman and his mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman, discussing their passionate fight against Parkinson’s disease in the afternoon. This will be followed by an evening session with Charles Breakfield and Roxy Burkey, the acclaimed authors of the Enigma Series, exploring the exciting blend of technology and storytelling.

Miss Liz’s Teatimes, scheduled every Thursday at 3 pm and 7 pm EST, are not just about savoring exquisite teas but about creating moments that touch the heart, stimulate the mind, and inspire change. Founder Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon invites tea enthusiasts and curious minds alike to join these gatherings that promise an Easter season filled with memorable experiences and enlightening conversations.


For more information and to reserve your spot at Miss Liz’s enchanting teatime events, please visit or contact Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon directly.

Join Miss Liz’s Teatime this April for a journey through the stories that shape their world, served with the warmth and charm that only the finest tea can provide.

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