December 2, 2023
PocketPT puts all the tools needed to create an independent workout routine in users’ pockets

MELBOURNE – July 28, 2023 – PocketPT has designed the ideal fitness app for fitness enthusiasts who would like to create curated workout routines without hiring a personal trainer. Built on an intuitive algorithm, unique and detailed customization options, and progress-tracking features, PocketPT is designed to empower individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

Young people who want to develop a structured gym routine often fail to commit to any routine at all due to the logistics involved in hiring a personal trainer. In addition to the sheer cost – often upwards of $70 per session – the research and effort needed to collaborate with a personal trainer can be discouraging. PocketPT makes it easier to develop an effective workout routine with an algorithm that learns from each user’s unique needs, level of fitness, and progress.

“PocketPT is the ultimate fitness companion for those seeking a personalized gym routine,” says PocketPT founder & CEO Tony Garrido. “I believe everyone should have access to a structured fitness plan that adapts to their lifestyle and goals. PocketPT empowers individuals to take charge of their fitness journey, providing them with a personalized solution.”

While there are other fitness apps on the market, there is still no app that automatically generates an adaptable routine based on criteria set out by the user. PocketPT does this with a high degree of customization. 

Thanks to PocketPT, users can effortlessly create their ideal fitness routine in just a few taps. Additionally, users get personalized progress reports every 6 weeks, including data on factors such as weight, reps, and sets. With these reports, users can easily track their progress and update their routine to provide the right balance of challenge and motivation.

PocketPT helps users enjoy the benefits of personal training without the hassle of actually hiring a personal trainer. Unlike a personal trainer who typically juggles several clients and has other commitments, PocketPT is available at any time – day or night. Additionally, PocketPT users can access comprehensive and adaptable fitness routines at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fitness trainer.

By curating a fitness routine from the individual’s perspective rather than the personal trainer’s perspective, PocketPT has developed a one-of-a-kind solution for fitness enthusiasts. With this app, Tony Garrido has put everything the individual needs to unlock their fitness potential right in their pocket. 

PocketPT is launching on Kickstarter on August 1.

About PocketPT

PocketPT is a leading fitness app that automates the generation of personalized workout routines based on the user’s unique goals and experience. Built on an advanced algorithm as well as customization and progress-tracking features, PocketPT offers an affordable solution for fitness enthusiasts seeking structure, motivation, and independence.

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