May 18, 2024

IntentKey AI can now associate any product, brand, or service to trending events

Inuvo, Inc., provider of the first generative artificial intelligence (AI) advertiser solution made specifically for brands and agencies, today announces a significant enhancement to its Audience Discovery Portal, the latest version of a first-of-its-kind intelligence capable of instantly generating marketing audience insights.

Powered by IntentKey AI, a proprietary large language model designed specifically to find and target audiences without using identifiers like cookies or consumer data, the portal can now incorporate and appropriately associate trending and transient knowledge into its audience discovery abilities, offering a new approach to AI-driven marketing.


One of the key improvements is the portal’s ability to rapidly understand the relationships between concepts and map them together seamlessly. Inuvo’s patented concept graph technology now refreshes in near-real-time. This development ensures portal users have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information.

“What this means for advertisers, is that a brand that is associated with a trending event can advertise directly to the audience associated with that trend,” said Rich Howe, CEO of Inuvo.

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“For example, if you go into the portal and search for football team Denver Broncos, you will see an association between Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, and Chicago Bears because they are all high-profile teams who selected new quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL draft over the weekend.” Mr. Howe continued, “This kind of intelligent, just-in-time marketing capability has never existed and represents yet another game-changing update to our proprietary IntentKey AI that powers the portal.”


The Audience Discovery portal serves as a powerful demonstration of Inuvo’s full capabilities. While the portal allows users to combine up to five concepts, the company’s IntentKey client models incorporate thousands of concepts to create highly targeted and effective audience segments. These advanced models can be leveraged through Inuvo’s managed services or accessed via any major demand-side platform (DSP), providing advertisers with unparalleled flexibility and reach.

The updated portal also includes a modern, user-friendly interface with an improved layout and intuitive navigation. A new dedicated homepage welcomes users with suggested trending concepts, making it easier to explore and discover relevant audiences. The portal’s enhanced user experience extends to shareable custom URLs for audience models and downloadable CSV files sampling valuable insights and demographic data.

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