July 25, 2024
AI Chatbot intelligent digital customer service application concept, computer mobile application uses artificial intelligence chatbots automatically respond online messages to help customers instantly.

Do you know that more than 82%  of customers check online reviews from existing customers while making any purchase?

Customer feedback is imperative to ensure streamlined project inputs, visibility of tasks done in the value stream as well as a lean approach to software maintenance. If you want to opt for custom software development, then probably your aim is to meet the requirements and expectations of your valued customers through unmatched services. And customer feedback will help you to achieve this goal.


In this fast-paced world of software development, customer feedback holds a core value. Gathering and analyzing customer feedback helps software developers to understand the customers’ preferences, needs, and even pain points. In addition, it enables the team to create software that is functional, intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging.

Now, whether you are a startup or a seasoned entrepreneur, considering customer feedback helps in identifying the latest trend and patterns that customers expect from your services. It is possible to analyze customer feedback for your custom software development through user reviews, surveys, customer service interactions, social media monitoring, and much more. It is imperative to know how customers are using the software and how the product is resolving their business challenges.

Difference Between customer feedback and User Feedback

Customer feedback analysis involves collecting and analyzing feedback from the customers for the software quality, customer support, and the overall brand.

User feedback analysis involves feedback from the user for only your software product. It covers aspects such as functionality, user experience, and usability.

How to Gather and Analyze Customer Feedback in Custom Software Development?

Software developers should focus on gathering and analyzing customer feedback to make necessary modifications to the software. There are several ways to gather and analyze customer feedback and monitor them to see if the changes made have a positive impact. Each way offers unique benefits to enhance customer software development services in the best possible manner.

  • Onboarding Surveys: 

Such types of surveys are conducted when the customers sign in for the service or product. It makes it easier to gather information about the initial experience of the customer with the product and how the product can be improved to deliver customer satisfaction.

  • Live Chat:

Live chat is the most popular way to gather customer feedback. It allows real-time conversations between the customers and the customer support teams. It allows them to gather instant feedback while understanding the concerns related to the software product.

  • SMS and Emails:

SMS and Emails are also the preferred option to gather customer feedback. Companies can directly share the survey forms with the customers via their emails or contact numbers, which helps to get quick feedback on certain software features.

  • Support Call Transcripts:

Developers can analyze the support call transcripts to check the common issues that customers are facing and gather feedback to solve them. This approach is also helpful to improve customer support service.

  • NPS Surveys: 

NPS is referred to as Net Promoter Score surveys that are used to help customers rate software products and services. This type of survey helps to improve customer software development services and gauge overall customer satisfaction.

Pro Tips To Analyze Customer Feedback In Custom Software Development

  • Businesses can analyze customer feedback by categorizing them based on functionality, performance, and overall experience. It makes it easier to address and prioritize the specific issue effectively.
  • Use AI-powered tools to analyze user feedback that will save both time and resources. Use NLP techniques which include topic modeling, chatbots, sentiment analysis, and entity recognition. These tools will significantly categorize the feedback, prioritize issues and identify trends. 
  • After analyzing the customer feedback, it is important to take action to address the issues properly. Having an action plan improves functionality & performance while fixing bugs or adding new features to the software. Set a timeline and clear goals for implementing the changes to the software.

The Bottom Line

Custom feedback in custom software development is crucial to make data-driven decisions. It is possible to gain valuable insights about the relevant data. Considering the above-mentioned information and tips helps to ensure the customer feedback software meets every business’s needs and to reach long-term goals.

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