July 15, 2024

The Real Estate industry is undoubtedly the only market that never stops generating revenue. Many sharks in the industry are developing their own customized real estate mobile applications to accommodate their loyal clients. 

According to a survey most generation z people prefer booking and investing in property via mobile applications that are easy to use. According to a survey, the two most popular real estate mobile applications like Zillow and Xome Auctions generated a huge amount of revenue in the year 2022. 

If you are considering to develop a real estate mobile application for your business then look for any reliable

real estate app development company to develop a high-tech application with amazing features for your business. 

In this article, we will be discussing the most important features needed in a real estate mobile application. 

6 Important Real Estate Mobile Application Features

Personal Profiles 

Buyers and Agents should have their own profiles so that whenever someone is interested in your property you will be able to get their details to connect properly. If someone is scrolling and liking your property-related posts you should be able to get notified and check out their profile in order to reach them later. Always keep in mind that if you want to convert your potential customers into satisfied buyers you should be able to properly target them.


Buyers should be able to find the kind of property they are interested in through filters on your real estate mobile application. They may filter out properties according to their budget, location preference, size or area of land, number of rooms, and other important considerations. They should be provided with a diverse list of properties also. 


The users should have access to a diverse range of property listings. They should have the choice to select from a diverse list of properties. The database of property listings should be advanced and provide all the necessary information a potential buyer might be looking for. 

Property Calculator  

You can put an advanced calculator in your app to make it more user-friendly. The calculator should be able to calculate the actual price of property according to the location, the area, and other specific diameters. This will help potential buyers to buy property according to their budget. If you want to develop a real estate mobile application for the iOS platform then look for any reliable iOS app development services.

Including the price estimators in your real estate mobile app may be beneficial. To offer users a sense of the overall cost of the property, you may ask developers to include a bespoke cost estimator function.

Make sure the calculation has adequate specifics. Users should be able to calculate the total cost depending on a variety of variables, including the starting payment range, taxes, the amount of the loan’s interest payment, and the loan’s payback plan.


Don’t forget to provide the map feature for your users as it will help your users in having an idea of the location of the property, they are interested in. This also makes your app more promising and user-friendly as compared to others.

Direct messaging or a phone call

The first step is to give users comprehensive property information. By incorporating a call or direct messaging function, you must move users to the next stage of the sales funnel. You can create an app for your real estate company for the iOS platform via any reliable iPhone app development company.



Users should be able to shortlist and bookmark their preferred homes using your app. It greatly facilitates their decision-making for them.

Users get access to all the information on their individual profiles as well as their preferred properties.

In-App Notifications

A successful marketing tactic is push notifications. In order to thrive in the long run with your real estate app, you MUST include this functionality.

You can retain and maintain the customer’s attention by using push notifications. Additionally, it helps you market your services successfully.

Push notifications are a great tool for reaching out to potential customers and occasionally sending out industry news. If rates change or a new property is added in a certain area, you may even alert consumers to such changes.

But in order to really profit from push notifications, the messages must be customized. Only communicate pertinent information that benefits end users.

A virtual tour

Not least but not least. Giving potential buyers a sense of the house, they wish to buy in real-time is made possible via a virtual tour or 3D walkthrough. According to the study, 70% of first-time purchasers think that a 3D virtual tour of the for-sale property is just as significant as an open house. Flutter app development company can create such advanced real estate applications for your business.


All individuals engaged in researching and selecting the ideal location to call home will benefit from mobile applications for real estate brokers and clients. The development of such an app will be successful if approached carefully, and your final product will help to make people happier. So don’t be afraid to start your road to better property management, including the purchasing, renting, and selling of properties!

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