July 15, 2024

Online shopping today is an integral part of the life of a modern person. Therefore, every self-respecting businessman will definitely sell goods or services on the Internet, and for this he will need a website with a reserved domain name.

How to buy a domain for a site in the .it.com zone

If you decide to buy a domain name in one of the most famous zones (for example, .com or .info), you will most likely encounter one problem – the name you have chosen may be taken. It is very difficult to find a unique name in the promoted zones. And then the .it.com zone comes to the rescue – there are a lot of free names here, and with the help of


get.it.com registrar you can buy the desired name at a bargain price.

To buy a domain name for a website, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a domain name – it is best if it is short and memorable, pleasant in pronunciation and without unnecessary punctuation marks.
  2. Check the availability of a domain name – you can check its uniqueness on the Internet through special services.
  3. Register a domain in the .it.com zone – after checking the uniqueness, you can safely register a name by first filling out the registration form, choosing a tariff plan and paying for the service.
  4. Make the necessary functional domain settings for the site to work properly by following the prompts in your personal account.
  5. Associate the site and domain – through the hosting control panel or DNS-record settings (for the convenience of site users).

Recall that buying a domain name for a website is a very important tool for promoting your business on the Internet and its recognition. That is why this event must be approached as carefully and responsibly as possible.

How much does a domain name cost in the .it.com zone

Any domain name on the get.it.com registrar website can be purchased for $49. When purchasing, you will need to select the expiration date for the domain you choose. Renewal will cost you between $30 and $49 (depending on the number of years you want to renew the domain). Also in the .it.com zone, you can buy a premium domain at a higher price, but its size will depend on the market situation.


Why do you need a domain name for a website

A memorable and short domain name for the site is the key to success and popularity among web users who will one day go to your online store for shopping. With a well-chosen name and zone, your buyer will definitely remember the name – this will ensure repeat purchases in the future and recognition of your brand.

However, when choosing a domain name in one of the popular and promoted zones, you will most likely encounter a problem – the name you like may be taken. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to the .it.com zone (ideal for an IT company). Here you can find many free domain names. To purchase a domain name, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a domain name.
  2. Check the availability of the name (this can be done through the online Whois service, etc.).
  3. Register a domain name by filling out a special form on the site, choosing a tariff plan and paying for the service.
  4. Set up a domain (there are hints in your personal account).
  5. Associate a site with a domain through the hosting control panel or change the settings of DNS records.

It is important that the get.it.com registrar allows you to select a domain name in the customer’s national language (IDN names are supported).

For more information look at the official website of the registrar https://get.it.com/.

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