May 17, 2024

Formerly, SaaS firms saw in-app chat as an optional feature rather than a must. However, in today’s world, when consumers prioritise services differently, engaging directly with clients in real time is a must for success. In 2022, over three out of every four organisations deployed in-app messaging were satisfied with the results.

As a result, digital and self-service channels now account for a considerable share of all customer service contacts (such as instant messaging on social networks, messaging apps and live chat). Several brands have already embraced automatic messaging and integrated it into their social media and customer support strategies to meet the large number of contacts and services required.


While many are only now beginning to adapt properly, your organisation cannot afford to fall behind.

What exactly is an In-app Message?

A well-targeted in-app message is a notification that users can view while using their mobile or desktop app. In-app messaging enables businesses to communicate with their users promptly and relevantly. In-app messages can facilitate onboarding, communicate product upgrades, and promote discounts. Onboarding messages, feature announcements (feature update announcements), discount announcements, and warning messages are all examples of in-app messaging.

Why should you use in-app messaging?

1. Adding communication channels

Conventional communication channels, such as social networks, have a restriction on the number of people who may join a single account and lack a platform dedicated to providing excellent customer support. This includes, among other things, restricting:

  • The maximum number of messages that can be answered.
  • A multitude of users in a single account.
  • Managing messages, sales, and orders.
  • Possessing precise statistics.
  • There are no bots or automatic allocators.

In terms of the criteria mentioned above, in-app messaging has an obvious advantage. These tools are entirely intended to boost your customer service and sales.

2. Using a multi-user system to optimise answers

One of the essential reasons to utilise internal messaging solutions is that they are multi-user, meaning multiple users can have accounts and respond to messages from your connected social networks. More than five persons, for example, can be connected to the same Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram without registering accounts in social networks. Allowing numerous people to participate allows you to establish a reliable customer support system to ensure no client interaction is missed in the shuffle. You’ll also have many sales and customer service tools, such as KPIs, autoresponders, and even CRM.

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3. Increasing consumer loyalty and retention

Catching your clients’ attention long enough to make an impression can be difficult, but in-app messaging overcomes that problem. Create tiny moments that greatly influence clients instead of making big adjustments at the marketing level. A remarkable client experience requires speed, convenience, skilled assistance, and polite service. You can quickly design proactive instant messages, automation routines, and bots with in-app messaging to create unique customer experiences that result in long-term customer retention.

4. Keeping a personal approach

One of the most useful features that digital communication systems provide SaaS organisations is the ability to reach specific audiences with customised instant messages. Furthermore, instant messaging allows you to incorporate client data into large-scale networks. You can integrate your social media and instant messaging data into your customer relationship management software (e.g., CRM) to provide a consistent experience for consumers and employees who interact directly.


5. Delivering service in real-time

A typical customer care team can take hours and hours to react to a website inquiry. Because the user is provided late, you will miss sales or loyalty chances. A digital messaging service allows you to respond automatically and immediately without requiring a crew to be present 24 hours a day, significantly lowering labour costs. They can also learn from previous experiences with the customer to deliver tailored service and fluid communication. You have more tools than ever before to communicate with a consumer and, more crucially, to respond to them quickly and satisfactorily. Nobody has time for phone calls, automated announcements, or the terrible music on hold in 2023.

6. Successful marketing efforts

A good marketing campaign is characterised by the fact that you can attain your target promptly and massively. You can send messages to your clients promptly and without limitations for:

  • Notices and warnings about the availability of new items
  • Product planning and recommendations
  • Special offers and discounts, as well as more on special dates such as Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and any other period when software purchases increase
  • Benefits of acquiring any software
  • Added features to boost your sales while facilitating and enhancing your client’s experience throughout the business process.
  • Begin interactions with all customers and prospects who have agreed to this form of communication and solicit feedback.

In the SaaS age, in-app chat has become an invaluable sales and customer service resource. Of course, clear communication will always boost your company’s efficiency. But it’s not enough to install any messaging system and then let contacts migrate. Using this tool in conjunction with a smart SEO and/or communication plan will help you develop a strong bond with your clients and attract more attention to your business in the long term.

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