September 22, 2023

TORONTO – July 27, 2023 – Heather Butler, acclaimed author, and jewelry designer, takes readers on an emotional journey with the release of her debut novel, Travesty of Justice. This gripping tale of love, struggle, and injustice captures readers’ hearts, spicing societal conversations about equality. 

Travesty of Justice is a poignant exploration of the challenges individuals face fighting for equality. Through this captivating story, I hope to shed light on the enduring issues of bias and injustice today.” – Heather Butler, Author. 

About Travesty of Justice

In this exciting tale, Heather takes readers on a deeply personal journey by introducing them to a black African man who becomes a significant part of her life. Through their evolving love story, they confront a series of obstacles, including the heart-wrenching denial of his access to a career in medicine due to deeply embedded discrimination within the system. 

Heather’s heartbreak and disillusionment extended far beyond her husband’s experience. As a proud citizen of her beloved homeland, she was astounded by her society’s betrayal and denial of equal opportunities. “Travesty of Justice” sheds light on the hidden injustices that persist, hindering qualified professionals and depriving communities of the vital healthcare they urgently require. The book’s title, “Travesty of Justice,” aptly captures the multifaceted layers of betrayal, devastation, and clashes of cultural values that permeate the story. Through her persuasive writing, Heather challenges readers to delve deep within their souls and empathize with the harrowing struggle of being trapped in such circumstances. She invites readers to imagine themselves grappling with the complexities of betrayal, heartbreak, and injustice, igniting a desire to reflect on their actions and advocate for true equal opportunity. 

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For more information about Heather Butler and her work, please visit Review copies of Travesty of Justice are available upon request. Contact Heather Butler at or 416-908-9587. 

Note to Readers: Immerse yourself in the truth shared in the book “Travesty of Justice”. Available now at leading bookstores and online retailers, this emotionally charged novel by Heather Butler is a must-read for those seeking a touching story emphasizing the pursuit of justice and the power of love. 

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