September 22, 2023
Sierra Treewater and Roberta R. Carr’s pre-teen fiction explores real-life social issues in a heartfelt and meaningful way. Their words will stir your emotions.

Roberta R. Carr and Sierra Treewater are not your typical grandmother and granddaughter. With a passion for social causes, Carr, the multi-award-winning author of six novels and Treewater, a bright Davidson Middle School student, were inspired to write the thought-provoking novel, Close Yet Far, a story that explores social status, resilience, and the meaning of speaking one’s truth.

We wanted to co-author a book that shed light on social issues while exploring the chaotic world of middle school. We challenged ourselves to write dramatic scenes for the teen protagonists while inserting comic relief to balance the serious storyline,” says Treewater and Carr. As true partners on the project, the authors collaborated for over two years to plot out and finish the story. Completing the project required patience, persistence, and determination, but the authors worked through their differing viewpoints and came to appreciate and trust each other’s unique contributions. The result was a powerful novel about the courage to be yourself.

A pioneering book that appeals to both kids and adults alike, Close Yet Far empowers readers to connect with themselves and others in a happier, healthier way. The story follows thirteen-year-old Coral Robertson, a popular eighth-grader at Bay Vista Middle School and her classmate, Shay O’Brien, who is a loner that lives in the shadows. The two girls have nothing in common until they become finalists in a speech contest. What begins as a friendly competition escalates into manipulation and bullying. As Coral struggles with pleasing people and Shay teeters on the edge, their worlds start to unravel. Both girls must face their fears, redefining what winning truly means.

Close Yet Far has received positive reviews from well-known literary organizations, authors, and reviewers. Pikasho Deka writes, “This slice-of-life story touches on some vital social issues while following the lives of two middle-grade girls from contrasting backgrounds…it’s an inspiring tale about resilience and having the courage and tenacity to overcome the odds.” Self-Publishing Review calls the story “An emotionally charged novel…about social justice and friendship that will make readers laugh, cry, and reflect in equal measure, handling vital contemporary issues with empathy and nuance, while also offering a strong degree of hope.” The Children’s Book Review says, “Close Yet Far is a compelling, thoughtful, and enjoyable read—perfect for the classroom or summer reading.” Twelve-year-old Max agrees. “This was a fascinating tale of someone standing up for themselves.”

Granddaughter-Grandmother Duo, Sierra Treewater and Roberta R. Carr Pen Thought-Provoking Coming-of-Age Novel, Close Yet Far. 8

Purchasing the Book

A heartwarming story with an important message, Close Yet Far is available for sale on Amazon. Fans of original, captivating fiction are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

About the Authors

Sierra Treewater, a 7th grader at Davidson Middle School in San Rafael, California, enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and two dogs. Her interests include fashion, make-up, jewelry, and the 49ers. She listens to all types of music and plays club volleyball. She looks forward to filling her passport with stamps from countries around the world.

Roberta R. Carr lives in Novato, California. She enjoys creating slice-of-life stories that entertain as well as stir new thoughts. She has published six novels (two award-winning) and a children’s book, and has helped her husband write a memoir.

To learn more about Carr, please visit her website at: or connect with her on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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