June 14, 2024

The world around us is moving forward at an astonishing pace, leaving behind the technology of the past like landlines and fax machines. In their place, we now have smartphones, laptops, and tablets with computing power that is far more powerful than anything we have seen in past decades. This scary thought serves as a reminder to keep up with the latest trends in this ever-evolving landscape.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has emerged as the new “talk of the town”. It all began with the groundbreaking ChatGPT —  an AI chatbot that can answer some of the hardest questions. But, as impressive as ChatGPT might be, it still has its limitations. For instance, its database remains updated only until 2021. However, Google, the tech giant renowned for pushing boundaries, has responded with its own game-changing AI tool called Google Bard. Although still in its early stages, Google Bard has become accessible to some users around the world


But, here’s the catch: Google Bard is not yet available worldwide. Certain restrictions prevent users in specific regions from accessing this innovative tool. This limitation has left many people eager to experience and compare Google Bard to ChatGPT. But, don’t worry — there is a way to bypass these restrictions and unlock the potential of Google Bard, no matter where you are in the world. Are you ready to experience the power of Google Bard for yourself? Read on to find out how to access Google Bard from anywhere in the world!

Google Bard is Restricted in Some Countries

Google Bard has picked up significant attention in recent months, leaving people around the globe eager to get their hands on this extraordinary AI tool. However, Google Bard is currently restricted in certain countries, which prevents many people from accessing it.

One key factor contributing to the limited accessibility of Google Bard is the stringent implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws in specific countries. The European Union (EU) stands out among these nations, their strict guidelines on data collection mean that users must provide explicit consent for sharing their information. Complying with these policies poses a challenge for Google Bard, making its availability in these regions temporarily restricted.

Furthermore, concerns regarding the risks associated with AI technology have also been key factors in numerous countries. The main concern revolves around the potential for bias and discrimination within AI systems. Certain European countries have already banned ChatGPT, reporting the need for comprehensive testing and validation before allowing AI tools like Google Bard to operate within the countries. Given that Google Bard is still in its experimental phase, extensive user testing and scrutiny are required before it can be fully deployed.

Despite these restrictions, there is a way that you can overcome geographical barriers and access Google Bard from anywhere in the world. By harnessing the power of a virtual private network (VPN), you can bypass geo-blocking restrictions and unlock the full potential of this remarkable AI tool. 

How to Access Bard From Anywhere

The tool you need to add to your arsenal is a  virtual private network (VPN). With the power of a VPN at your disposal, geographical restrictions become a thing of the past, allowing you to unlock the full potential of Google Bard no matter where you are.

But what exactly is a VPN? A VPN is a cybersecurity tool designed to encrypt your internet connection and ensure your browsing remains secure and anonymous. Its primary function is to establish a secure connection by encrypting your data, preventing anyone, including government authorities and internet service providers, from monitoring or accessing your online activities.


However, a VPN comes with another crucial feature — the key to accessing Google Bard. VPNs operate through a network of servers situated in different countries worldwide. When you connect to a VPN server, your actual IP address, a unique identifier for your device on the internet, becomes hidden. Instead, your device adopts the IP address associated with the server you’re connected to, allowing you to change your virtual location without physically relocating your device.

By selecting a VPN server in a country where Google Bard is available, such as the United States, you can effectively trick the system into believing that your device is accessing the internet from that chosen location. As a result, you gain unrestricted access to Google Bard no matter where you are in the world.

Unlock Bard’s Maximum Potential

It is crucial to ensure that you choose the right VPN for the best possible experience. While there are free VPN services, and they may be enticing, it’s essential to understand the limitations that often come with them. This will ultimately impact your Google Bard experience. Instead, consider investing in a premium VPN to unlock Bard’s maximum potential.

Free VPNs may appear like a great deal, but they typically come with several drawbacks that can affect your online activities. These drawbacks include slower connection speeds, limited server options, daily data limits, annoying ads, as well as security and privacy concerns. These are just a few of the drawbacks that come with free VPNs!

If you’re trying to use Google Bard, any of these drawbacks will have a major impact on your overall experience, and you might not even enjoy using a VPN. For example, if you have slow connection speeds, you might experience longer loading times on websites like Google Bard. You could also be bombarded with intrusive ads that pop up every couple of seconds. No one wants to deal with these issues while trying out a new AI tool.

If you want to get the most out of a VPN, make sure to invest in a premium one and avoid the free ones. The subscription fees for premium VPNs aren’t high, and the benefits you get from them are massive. In addition, many premium VPN services offer money-back guarantees, allowing you to try the service risk-free and experience Google Bard to its fullest potential without even paying a cent for it!

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