May 17, 2024

Funnel launched its new visualization feature, Funnel Dashboards, enabling marketers to find deviations and patterns in their data much more efficiently than any existing third-party tools and plug-ins.

“This is a real game-changer,” said Fredrik Skantze, Funnel CEO. “Funnel Dashboards were designed specifically with marketers in mind, offering them unparalleled visualization speed and reliability without the weight of BI or IT features that they never use. This new frictionless data exploration is part of cementing Funnel as the leading marketing intelligence solution.”

The visualization tools will also help marketers quickly and easily showcase their performance to executives and stakeholders in a matter of clicks. Funnel Dashboards are now available to all users around the world.


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Funnel helps marketers to connect all of the performance data from disparate platforms and normalize that data in order to surface insights that can drive business performance. On average today, small- and medium-sized businesses manage marketing activities across approximately eight different platforms, leading to 65 unique data sources. Marketers must balance the need for sturdier tools to handle this data volume against the practical requirements that they own responsibility for that data (as opposed to relying on technical business intelligence and IT teams).


Funnel fills that unique void with its marketing data hub model, helping to choreograph data from disparate platforms into one harmonious display of insightful performance. The result is a more confident and nimble marketer that can pinpoint past success and anticipate future challenges all from their marketing data.

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