July 24, 2024
Hope for Kids is a parenting book written by Floyd Jr. Roberts. Hope for Kids aims to help parents create a healthy, friendly learning environment for their children, boosting their self-esteem, resilience, and drive to become the best versions of themselves as they grow.

In today’s times, children are facing more difficult challenges and pressure than ever before. Whether it is academic stress, peer pressure, or social media scrutiny, the life of a child living in 2023 is exceptionally dynamic and unpredictable, much to the dismay of parents who are often unprepared to help their kids wade through these modern problems. 


These ever-changing times breed new trends and values daily, and most children are struggling to keep up. These challenges can take a significant toll on their mental health and self-esteem. To ensure parents are prepared to help their children not only endure but overcome the aforementioned pressures, Floyd Jr. Roberts has launched a comprehensive parental book titled “Hope for Kids”. 

Roberts wrote this book with a clear goal in mind – to help parents who are grasping at straws trying to keep up with all the trends, technologies, and social aspects of today create an encouraging, supportive environment for their children where they would thrive in all aspects of life.

An essential parental book for parents of all ages and walks of life, “Hope for Kids” strives to aid the readers in their quest of empowering their children to tap into their potential and lead happy, fulfilling lives full of confidence. 

“Hope for Kids” is helping parents learn how to properly communicate with their children, establish a bridge of trust, and ultimately connect to their kids on a deeper level. Additionally, this parental book is also filled with valuable advice about teaching children crucial life skills, such as goal-setting, self-care, and problem-solving. 

Floyd Jr. Roberts wants the reader to understand the importance of instilling hope in children. According to data sourced from Georgetown University, more than 5.6 million kids were diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression-related problems in 2020. Many children struggle to keep up with the unnatural expectations imposed by their peers in the classroom and on social media platforms. Floyd aims to help parents impart hope to their children, teach them to have a brighter perspective on life and seek positivity in everything. 

“Hope for Kids” debuted in an eBook format on the 21st of March. In less than a month, Floyd’s parental book was met with remarkably positive feedback from parents who praised the book’s comprehensive approach and practical examples. A standout review coming from a parent and verified buyer of “Hope for Kids” reads:


“As a parent, I often feel overwhelmed by the challenges my kids face, especially with everything going on in the news. This book has been a game-changer for me. It’s given me the tools and information I need to support my children and help them thrive.”

“Hope for Kids” is available for purchase on Gumroad. More information about Floyd Jr. Roberts and “Hope for Kids” is available on Gumroad’s official website.

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Floyd Jr. Roberts Launches “Hope for Kids” on Gumroad, Empowering Parents Across all Compass Points first appeared on Web and IT News.

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