March 1, 2024

FaceCheck, the popular facial recognition search engine, has added more than 120,000 photos that are used by romance scammers to its database, allowing users to check potential date’s profiles for deception. FaceCheck has quickly become the go-to resource for online daters looking to stay safe and avoid scammers and catfishes.

Online dating has become mainstream in recent years, with most singles using dating apps and websites to find potential partners. Online romance scams have become a significant problem, with victims losing millions of dollars each year. Romance scammers create bogus profiles and use them to build relationships with unsuspecting individuals and eventually use emotional manipulation to extract money from the victims. Often exploiting the victim’s empathy and using urgency to make the transaction happen.

Facial recognition technology has proven to be a powerful tool in the fight against these swindlers. By comparing a potential date’s profile photo to a database of known scammers, FaceCheck can quickly and accurately uncover individuals who may be using false identities.

“We’re committed to making online dating safer for everyone,” said Lee Chong, president of FaceCheck. “With the rise of online dating, we saw a need for a service that could help users identify potential scammers before they fall victim to their schemes. That’s why we created FaceCheck and are constantly updating our database of romance scammers’ photos to ensure that our users can run searches against the latest scammer reports.”

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Since its launch, FaceCheck has become a popular resource for online daters, receiving positive feedback for its ease of use and accuracy. The service allows users to run facial recognition searches and uncover potential romance swindlers, registered offenders, and predators.

“We’re thrilled to see how popular FaceCheck has become,” said Chong. “We believe everyone deserves to have access to FaceCheck’s reverse image search engine and have a safe and enjoyable dating experience, and we’re committed to making that a reality for as many people as possible.” 

FaceCheck’s new romance scammer-busting feature is available now and can be accessed by all users of the platform.

For more information about FaceCheck, please visit the website at FaceCheck.ID

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