May 17, 2024
FMUSER can customize IPTV system user interface as per requirement for hospitality, healthcare, education, government, residential area, cruise ships, trains, gyms, restaurant, or else. All elements can be customized, from colors, position, to templates.
Riyadh’s hospitality industry needs hotel IPTV solutions to boost guest interaction and room entertainment. However, many hotel engineers, IT solution companies, and investors are unaware of its benefits. FMUSER, a turnkey hotel IPTV provider, offers technical details to guide them in transitioning from cable TV to advanced IPTV setups, enhancing the guest experience.

I. Introducing FMUSER’s Hotel IPTV Solution

FMUSER’s solution of Hotel IPTV Riyadh is designed with a range of customizable features that aim to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly experience for guests in Riyadh’s hotels:

1. Customized IPTV Solutions: Our hotel IPTV system is specially designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of Arab hotel brands, ensuring an authentic and tailored guest experience that reflects Arabic style and culture.

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2. Customized Interactive Features and Functions: This Arabic style hotel IPTV system provides a wide range of customized interactive features and functions to enhance the guest experience. Guests can fully immerse themselves in the richness of Arabic hospitality by interacting with these interactive features. Upon entering their rooms, guests are greeted by personalized messages displayed on their television screens. The intuitive program guide displays a variety of Arabic TV channels, including UHF, free satellite and pay TV options such as DSTV. In addition, the system provides a video on demand service with a selection of Arabic films and series. To further enrich the guest experience, the IPTV system integrates with popular Arabic social media platforms, allowing guests to stay connected and engaged. Furthermore, guests can easily order room service featuring Arabic cuisine specialties, access detailed information about Arab cultural events and traditions, receive prayer time notifications, and explore local Arab attractions and recommendations. These interactive features and functions create an immersive Arabic experience, providing guests with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Arabic culture. By combining customization, ease of use and a wide range of interactive options, our hotel IPTV system provides a unique and memorable stay for Arabian hotel guests.

3. Cost-Effective Solution: Our hotel IPTV solution provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional cable TV options, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades. This enables Arab hotels to provide an exceptional experience for guests without spending a lot of money.

4. Multilingual interface: The easy-to-use interface of the IPTV system is available in Arabic and other languages. This ensures that guests from diverse backgrounds can easily navigate and enjoy the system, providing a seamless and inclusive experience.

5. Seamless Integration: The hotel’s IPTV system integrates seamlessly with the hotel’s existing systems, including property management and billing systems. This integration ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for both employees and guests, allowing for efficient management of guest preferences and streamlined billing processes.

6. Easy Content Management through CMS: The hotel IPTV system comes with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). A Content Management System (CMS) enables hotel staff to easily manage and update the content displayed on IPTV screens. From uploading promotional videos and updating menus to scheduling events and managing guest preferences, a content management system (CMS) provides a convenient and efficient way to handle all aspects of content management.

100-Room Hotel IPTV System Deployment Case Study in Djibouti, Africa:

II. Download resources

FMUSER Arabian Hotel IPTV solution not only improves guest experience, but also enables hotels in Riyadh to open new revenue streams. By leveraging targeted advertising and promotional opportunities, hotels can enhance their brand visibility, increase guest satisfaction, and improve overall profitability.

1. Our Video Series:

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– Easy to Setup IPTV System:

– Study Case for 100 hotel guest room:

2. Download PDF to learn more about our solution:

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– In Russian:–/Files/202303/20230321114511126495.pdf

– In French:–/Files/202303/20230321114614813277.pdf

– In Korean:–/Files/202303/20230321114736895883.pdf

– In Portuguese:–/Files/202303/20230321115013692283.pdf

– In Japanese:–/Files/202303/20230321115150480945.pdf

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– In Italian:–/Files/202303/20230321115405265491.pdf

At FMUSER, we understand the difficulties hotel engineers face in deploying IPTV systems. Our turnkey solution ensures a smooth and hassle-free process, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences,” said Mr. Tom leequan, Sales Manager at FMUSER. “With our advanced IPTV technology, Riyadh’s hotel industry can enhance their guests’ entertainment options, boost brand awareness, and create new revenue streams.”

III. How the System Works Technically

The FMUSER Arabic Hotel IPTV system operates based on advanced technological processes, where TV programs are created, transmitted, and eventually received in hotel rooms in a multi-step process.


1. Satellite TV Programs

The transmission of satellite TV programs begins with broadcasters sending their signals up to a satellite. This signal is then received by a satellite dish located at the hotel premises. As for the FBE308 free-to-air (FTA) satellite receiver, it processes these signals, transforming them into a format that can be transmitted over the hotel’s IP network. The IP signals are then sent to the IPTV gateway, which distributes the signals to each guest room in the hotel through the hotel’s Ethernet infrastructure.

2. UHF TV Programs

Similarly, the process for UHF TV programs also involves multi-phase signal transmission. Broadcasters send UHF signals that are captured by a UHF Yagi antenna installed at the hotel. These signals are then processed by the FBE302U UHF receiver, which changes them into a format that can be disseminated over the hotel’s IP network. After processing, they are sent to the IPTV gateway. The gateway then takes the responsibility of distributing the signals throughout the hotel, delivering them to the TV in each guest room.

3. Other Devices (e.g., HDMI signals)

In addition to satellite and UHF TV programs, the FMUSER Arabic Hotel IPTV solution also supports input from various other devices such as DVD players, camcorders, or computers with HDMI output. These signals are processed by a hardware encoder, which transforms the HDMI signals into IP format. The IPTV gateway then takes these IP signals and distributes them to each guest room. This allows for a versatile range of input sources, ensuring that hotels can offer their guests a broad selection of viewing options.

Hotel IPTV System FAQs:

IV. Hardware Configuration

The FMUSER Arabic Hotel IPTV solution is underpinned by a robust set of hardware components uniquely configured to ensure reliable and efficient service delivery.

1. FBE308 free-to-air (FTA) satellite receiver

2. FBE302U UHF receiver

3. FBE801 IPTV Gateway (IPTV Server)

4. Network Switches- FBE010 Set-Top Boxes

5. Hardware Encoders (HDMI, SDI, or others)

6. Antenna System (satellite dish, UHF Yagi antenna, RF coaxial cables)

7. Parts & Accessories (tool kits and parts)

V. Software Configuration

The FMUSER Arabic Hotel IPTV Solution is built not only on top-notch hardware but also on intricate software that allows signal conversion, customization of content, and seamless delivery of services to each guest room in the hotel.

1. Configuring FBE308 Satellite Receiver

The FBE308 satellite receiver requires proper configuration to effectively receive and process signals from the satellite dish. It comes with a user-friendly interface where the received satellite signals can be configured according to the desired channels, video quality, and other parameters. Once these signals have been correctly processed and transformed into IP signals, they are transferred into the IPTV Gateway.

2. Configuring FBE302U UHF Receivers

The FBE302U UHF receiver functions in a similar way. Signals received by the UHF Yagi Antenna are transferred into the UHF receiver. The user interface allows the configuration of these signals based on the required channels and quality, then transforms these signals into an IP format. The IP signals are then transferred to the IPTV Gateway.

3. Configuring FBE801 IPTV Gateway (IPTV Server)

The FBE801 IPTV Gateway, or IPTV server, serves as the central hub where all the IP signals are aggregated and distributed to the individual guest rooms. It is also where the hotel can tailor the information that will be displayed on the TV screens in each guest room.

The software allows for the uploading of hotel introduction images or videos that guests can view upon turning on their TV sets. It also enables the customization of food-related information, such as pricing and images, for a restaurant or room service menu. Further customization includes advertising information like scrolling subtitles or special offers, and personalized welcome messages for guests.

FMUSER invites hotel engineers in Riyadh to experience the benefits of their turnkey hotel IPTV solution. By partnering with FMUSER, hotels can elevate their service standards, differentiate themselves in the market, and create unforgettable guest experiences.

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