June 18, 2024
Washington, DC – Feb 8, 2023 – The Embassy Row Project, a leading launchpad for incubators and accelerators for business internationalization and technology innovation, has announced the launch of the ASEAN Institute Accelerator (AIA). The ASEAN Institute Accelerator is an internationally connected commercial and trade institute dedicated to advancing the technology and trade capabilities of Southeast Asia.

James Scott, the Founder of the Embassy Row Project, stated, “We operate dozens of incubators and accelerators for business internationalization and technology innovation and commercialization, the ASEAN Institute Accelerator connects Southeast Asian entrepreneurs to international markets at an expedited pace.” He added, “We’re excited to open the cultural exchanges to offer American and European trade associations with ties back to Southeast Asia the opportunity to introduce these companies to the Western markets.”


The ASEAN Institute Accelerator aims to drive the global expansion of ASEAN region companies, foster trade collaborations between Southeast Asian, American, and European tech companies, and promote the introduction of next-generation technology research into the region. The institute is committed to elevating the digitization, modernization, and security of Southeast Asia’s energy and infrastructure and positioning the region as a major player on the global stage.

The ASEAN Institute Accelerator will introduce commercial and trade collaborations that position Southeast Asia as a powerful technology conduit between Asia, Europe, and the United States. AIA will facilitate global connectivity to ASEAN region organizations to encourage investment in technology infrastructure, foster a supportive policy environment, promote technical education and training, encourage collaboration between government, business, and academia, and foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The institute will also work with public and private sectors to elevate Southeast Asia as an international trade hub by developing transportation, communication, and logistics infrastructure, encouraging foreign investment, promoting regional integration, diversifying trade partners, fostering trade relationships, improving the business environment, and developing human capital.

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