July 21, 2024
Ebikes Dealership Journey Bikes Announces a New Team in the New Year Under the Management of the Evolving Digital Group 2
Journey Bikes stocks ebikes for beach cruising, regular commutes, and mountainous routes and has fat tire bikes for sale as well. This electric bike seller stocks models from top ebike manufacturers, such as Ecomotion, Ecotric, and X-Treme.

According to announcements released by Journey Bikes and Oliver Caprile, the ebikes available with this online retailer span the range of styles and designs available in the American market today. It stocks beach cruiser ebikes, commuter ebikes, foldable ebikes, recliner ebikes, etc., by all the leading brands, including Revibikes, AmericanElectric, Mobo Cruiser, and Rans.

This established dealership has sold thousands of ebikes all across America. Moving into 2023, Journey Bikes has announced a new team under the new management of the Evolving Digital Group.

The brand is confident of building on its success in the new year. Buyers can choose the best ebikes for their needs at the store by filtering in terms of battery capacity, motor power, colors, ebike brands, and style.

Journey Bikes recommend bikes with upright seating, appropriate tires, and a front or rear basket for regular commutes and beach cruising. Popular models of this design include the Steller and Veller by American Electric and Hammer and Lark by Ecotric.

Buyers can choose between ebikes equipped with disc brakes and rim brakes. The former possesses superior braking powers, but these brakes are harder to change. Ebikes with rim brakes offer good braking, and this design has been trusted for years. This dealership stocks models with both brake types.

Journey Bikes also stocks parts and accessories for the ebikes it sells. These include batteries, battery packs, charger cables, and more. Buyers can purchase ebikes from Journey Bikes through easy financing via Klarna. The business helps buyers decide on the best electric bikes for their budget and needs by answering questions about the correct bike size, ideal bike weight, and other considerations.

For more information, go to https://journeybikes.com/

Oliver Caprile of Journey Bikes said, “With the rise of electric bikes (ebikes) over the past few years, we wanted to make them as accessible to every American. Particularly given the price of oil and gas in this current environment — we want to help Americans get around most cost-effectively and efficiently. We can assist you in finding a bike that not only fits well but is appropriate for your lifestyle. Although e-bikes are becoming more popular, most bike shop employees, particularly in the US, are unfamiliar with electric bikes, so it is best to speak with an electric bicycle expert. We are here to help! You will want to look for certain qualities in a bike to ensure it will suit your needs.


First, you will need to determine what your budget is. You can find a quality electric bicycle for under $1000, but it will most likely not have all the components that a $2,500 electric bike will have. What is your bicycle size? Next, you need to decide what size bike will fit you best. Check the specs of the electric bike in question because most of the time, the specs mention what height range the electric bicycle will work best for.”

About the Company:

Journey Bikes is a trusted online retailer of electric bikes. It offers a safe shopping experience with financing options. Buyers in the lower 48 states can avail of free shipping. The ebikes are delivered up to 95% assembled. The value-for-money bikes are a good choice for eco-conscious riders.

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Phone: 909-301-8202
Address:1207 Delaware Ave #407
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Website: https://journeybikes.com/

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