July 11, 2024

The table below displays India’s Drone Stocks, ranked by market capitalization.

Drone Stocks Market Cap Close Price
Info Edge (India) 56,821.53 4,306.90
Zen Technologies 3,461.06 413.55
RattanIndia Enterprises 5,789.48 41.9
DCM Shriram Industries 694.08 79.75


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Drone stocks have emerged as a compelling investment opportunity in recent years, riding the wave of innovation and technological advancements in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. These stocks represent companies at the forefront of developing and utilizing drone technology for a wide range of applications, from commercial deliveries and surveillance to agriculture and infrastructure inspections. With the increasing adoption of drones across various sectors, drone stocks offer investors a unique chance to tap into the growing potential of this transformative industry.

Want to know more? Let’s explore what makes Drone Stocks an attractive choice for investors.

Info Edge (India):

Info Edge (India) Ltd is an Indian corporation overseeing several online platforms and enterprises. This company possesses well-known web portals and mobile apps that offer services related to recruitment (Naukri.com), real estate (99acres.com), matrimonial connections (Jeevansathi.com), education (Shiksha.com), and local search (Askme.com). Info Edge (India) Ltd connects individuals in search of employment, property purchasers, potential life partners, students, and companies with pertinent opportunities and information.

Zen Technologies:

Zen Technologies Ltd is an Indian enterprise specializing in the development and production of simulators and training systems designed for defense and security forces. This corporation provides a variety of simulators, including those for weapon training, driving, and training solutions based on virtual reality.

RattanIndia Enterprises:

RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd is an Indian company with varied business interests, encompassing power generation, solar energy, and electric mobility. This firm operates power plants utilizing various fuel sources like coal and renewable energy. Additionally, RattanIndia Enterprises is involved in the creation and implementation of solar energy projects.

DCM Shriram Industries:

DCM Shriram Industries Ltd is an Indian corporation involved in several business sectors, including agriculture, chemicals, and plastics. The firm runs sugar mills and produces ethanol, sugar, and other agricultural products. DCM Shriram Industries is also engaged in the manufacturing of chemicals and fertilizers. Within the plastics division, the corporation manufactures PVC resins and compounds. DCM Shriram Industries has established a reputation in the agricultural and chemical sectors, emphasizing quality, innovation, and customer contentment.

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Note: The preceding article is provided for educational purposes only. Any mention of specific securities is purely illustrative and should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell them. Readers are advised to conduct their own thorough research and seek professional financial advice before making any investment decisions.

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