July 11, 2024
Dot Com Infoway Expand Global Presence with Opening of New Offices in Indonesia & Thailand 2
Dot Com Infoway Expand Global Presence with Opening of New Offices in Indonesia & Thailand
Dot Com Infoway, a leading IT and digital marketing company based in India, has announced the launch of its new offices in Indonesia and Thailand.

Dot Com Infoway, a well-known IT and digital marketing company from India has some exciting news! Recently, they have expanded new offices in Thailand and Indonesia.The move is meant to increase the company’s physical footprint across Asia and further streamline the entry into domestic and international markets beyond Indian borders. 

The new offices are set to become the company’s 4th and 5th new locations. They will expand the company’s geographical networks which are currently spread out across 3 locations, namely India, the United States of America, and Australia. 

Serving complimentary roles, the new offices in Indonesia and Thailand will carry on duties from the parent company, including web design & development, digital marketing, business consulting, AI services, and more. With 95% of the company’s business stemming from offshore markets, the new offices and human resources will provide support for DCI’s primary operations. 

Before the new offices, the company had its operations primarily based in Madurai, India. This has been the central business location for the company since it opened its doors over 2 decades ago. However, with the collaboration of international partners across all corners of the globe, DCI has been providing software and marketing services worldwide. 

At the time of its opening back in the year 2000, the company started operations with just 5 employees under its roster but today it employs 310 employees directly through its workflow and hundreds more through indirect partnerships. 

Motivated by a fast-growing IT industry in Thailand and Indonesia, the move to open these new offices is a calculated one. The IT industry in Thailand is exhibiting a compound annual growth rate of just over 15% and is set to grow by approximately $6.88 billion between 2023 and 2028.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s IT services market is also on an upward trajectory, with an estimated CAGR of 13.33% during the same period, resulting in a predicted growth of $4.25 billion from 2023 to 2028. These new offices are part of DCI’s strategy to get a stronger footing in these markets and use them as a launch pad for more international dominance.

Besides granting access to new markets, the launch of the new offices will serve other objectives as well. Namely, they will grow Dot Com Infoway’s brand visibility thus enhancing business recognition. The move will also serve to delegate control and thus ease the strain on the parent company at a time when DCI is experiencing unprecedented growth. 


The plans for the new offices have been in the pipeline for a couple of years now, as the company contemplated tapping new opportunities on the Southeast Asian front. Fueled by the goal of ranking among India’s top 50 IT companies by 2025, this expansion means DCI has propagated its mission to a wider scale. 

Speaking ahead of the opening of the new DCI offices, CEO C.R Venkatesh said, “This is an exciting new chapter for our company, Dot Com Infoway. Honestly, it’s a dream come true. The move is meant to make inroads into new markets and reinforce the strength of our brand not just across the Asian Content but even on the international stage as well. For over 22 years, DCI has served a global market. These new offices will streamline our operations, bring more new talent onboard and grow our market authority.”

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