July 21, 2024

Elevate your market research with Discuss’ latest next gen innovations, featuring GenAI scaling tools, off-platform research capabilities, and more.

Discuss, the premier purpose-built platform for innovation driving next-gen insights, unveils its Spring 2024 product release, marking another great leap in addressing key challenges faced by researchers by enabling human centricity on a global scale.

Highlights of the latest release include:

GenAI, Genie, summaries expanding for global research, with English summaries on multi-language research being done across dozens of countries, allowing researchers to access insights effortlessly. With instant recaps, project summaries, and thematic analysis at their disposal, researchers can consolidate actionable insights from teams around the globe performing research, propelling discovery and empathy in every corner of the world and across all target audiences.


New Consumer Reach Solution Tier designed for global brands looking for a one-stop-shop solution for scaling in-depth market research. This new solution enables unlimited access to Discuss’ robust platform for IDIs, focus groups, asynchronous activities, Genie, and more, alongside unlimited access to essential services such as live tech support for every session, project management and recruitment. This new comprehensive solution marks a pivotal moment in global research and accessing insights across boundaries as it enables anyone in the organization to gain unlimited access to their target audience and access expert support at their fingertips.

“I’ve used Discuss to enable cross functional teams to talk to consumers across five countries in five different languages all within one week” said Pisipati, Consumer Insights and Analytics Manager for Reckitt. “We’re now leveraging Discuss’ Consumer Reach solution to further unlock our consumer empathy efforts across our US teams and we’re seeing incredible results.”

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Enhanced machine transcription empowering researchers to uncover insights that speak directly to the hearts and minds of customers, worldwide. Key enhancements include dramatic speed improvements (transcribing 1 hour of video in just 30 seconds), unmatched accuracy with a word error rate of only 8.4% for English, and 30% more accuracy in non-English languages* than any other transcription tool on the market.

Off-Platform research capabilities enabling team members across the globe to seamlessly upload video files – whether sitting on their hard drive or in a personal Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint folder. The files are auto-transcribed, and are now part of a globally accessible research repository, with key themes and insights identified in a click with Genie.


Streamlined and simplified controls and access ensure that no matter where your teams are located, they can now focus on extracting insights rather than managing administrative tasks, all from one central location that provides visibility into your research projects. This new automated User Management Dashboard streamlines requests for access for all involved, enhancing administrative efficiency.

“This latest release is a testament to our commitment of empowering researchers to boldly embrace this new era of market research” said Adam Mertz, Chief Growth Officer at Discuss. “With these enhancements, we’re arming researchers with the tools to delve deeper, effortlessly scale their initiatives, and streamline their workflows, while prioritizing the human at the forefront of their global research.”

Highlighted by its recent recognition with G2’s Best Software Award as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Products, Discuss’ momentum is further validated, emphasizing its ongoing advancements as a catalyst of innovation that is elevating the qualitative market research industry.

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Discuss’ Latest Innovations are the Next Gen Unlock to Human Centricity on a Global Scale first appeared on Web and IT News.

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