July 11, 2024
Creator Dr. Chris Stemple releases autonomous Dimebots to help foster innovation in robotics.

Dimebots.com, a pioneering endeavor in the realm of robotics, proudly unveils its revolutionary project aimed at advancing the field of micro-robotics. Spearheaded by Dr. Chris Stemple, Dimebots.com introduces a groundbreaking collection of autonomous micro-robots, each as small as a dime and weighing less than a nickel. Dr. Stemple has announced the project’s release as open-source, ushering in a new era of collaboration and innovation in the robotics community.


“I’m humbled by the tremendous positive response I have received for this robotics project. I am pleased to announce that I have released the project as open-source to further expand the reach of the project worldwide,” commented Dr. Chris Stemple, the visionary creator behind Dimebots.com.

Unlike conventional micro-robots that rely on external power sources to function, Dimebots are entirely self-contained and autonomous. This innovative design sets Dimebots apart in robotics, offering a unique solution to the challenges of miniaturization and autonomy.

Constructed using Polylactic Acid (PLA) plastic through 3D printing technology, the body and drive wheel of Dimebots exemplify precision engineering. PLA, renowned for its versatility and cost-effectiveness, provides the ideal material for crafting intricate robotic components. The tires and freewheel of Dimebots utilize specially modified 005-sized o-rings to ensure optimal performance.

In terms of software, Dimebots leverages the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) platform, which simplifies coding processes and enables seamless integration with pre-built libraries. This strategic choice enhances accessibility for enthusiasts and developers, fostering a community-driven approach to robotics innovation.

Dimebots.com invites individuals to explore the official website, where captivating images and videos showcase the capabilities of these diminutive yet remarkable robots. Moreover, the project’s complete source files have been released as open-source, encouraging enthusiasts to experiment and contribute to the project’s ongoing evolution.

For more information about Dimebots.com and its groundbreaking initiatives in the field of robotics, please visit https://www.dimebots.com.


About Dimebots.com

Dimebots.com is a pioneering project founded by Dr. Chris Stemple. It is dedicated to advancing the field of robotics through innovative design, miniaturization, and open collaboration.

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